Al. Exarchou (Intrakat): I don’t think we are losing a minute of sleep with the issue of the Capital Market Commission

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By Giorgos Lampiris

The intervention of the Capital Market Commission was mentioned by the new managing director of Intrakat, Alexandros Exarchou, on the sidelines of the general meeting of shareholders, saying characteristically that: “We have answered the questions. I do not think that we are losing a minute of sleep with the issue of the Capital Market Commission. We are dealing with it with the stoicism imposed on us towards the Capital Market Commission, saying that the company responded through its legal advisors”, commented Mr. Exarchou on the sidelines of the general meeting.

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It is recalled that the Capital Market Commission sent a letter to the new shareholders of Intrakat asking to know whether there is coordination of actions between the shipowners Baku – Kaimenakis and Gotsi – Angelos. The investigation was prompted after the topic was raised in the last few days with an article and report from

Regarding the relationship with the two new shareholders and shipowners, the head of the company emphasized that there is no MoU between Winex of Exarchos, Baku, Kaimenakis and the other shipowners Ilias Gotsi and Costas Angelou.

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At the same time, it was reported that the company’s interest in Attiki Odos remains, according to Mr. Exarchou. He added that excellent relations are maintained with previous shareholders such as Sokratis Kokkalis.

He added that with regard to the possibility of a capital increase, there will be, as he pointed out, a relevant proposal to the shareholders, if such a thing becomes necessary. “The company’s shareholders have access to serious capital and if they are convinced they will be asked to strengthen it.”

Regarding the new data that is currently being formed at Intrakat, Mr. Exarchou said that “we did not take Intrakat because we had nothing to do. It is a manageable size shop, with excellent prospects and is in the best position to position itself competitively in the market with the Gaia Anemos RES division very important, while we believe that the company is in an extremely competitive position against the rest, so as to improve both its backlog and profitability. We strongly believe that what has been achieved since the previous management we will continue and develop it. We believe we can bring more improvements.”

“We hope that we will also be able to convince the other shareholders of the vision we have for Intrakat. It is fortunate that the administration takes place at a time when August is a good month, which will give us the scope to be thoroughly informed and not affect the course of the company”, he added.

“The reasons we acquired the company are the healthy backlog, the manageable size, the existence of Gaia Anemos which has the portfolio of Renewable Energy Sources, and includes an integrated licensing division and another division under execution as well as a real estate division that we intend to develop. The real estate portfolio includes a hotel in Athens, an office building in the center of Athens and a hotel under construction in Mykonos”

“Aim to become the second largest construction company”

“The goal is to conquer a position within three years as the second largest construction company. We also believe that we can claim an even better position than the one I mentioned to you,” he added.

As a representative of Winexos and referring to the relationship with Dimitris Koutras, Mr. Exarchou said that his side got the percentage it wanted and referred to Mr. Koutras, saying that “we honor him and he is a historical figure”.

“Souretis took a hardware store and made a big company”

In the context of the general assembly, one of the smaller shareholders, Konstantinos Smiris, intervened and referred to the role played by the company’s previous managing director, Petros Suretis, noting that “he took a hardware store and turned it into a big company”. He told the new shareholders that they were taking over a great company, drawing attention to the day ahead and the management they would implement over the next period of time.

“For Mr. Suretis, he added that he remains in the Intracom family, close to the president and founder of the group, Sokratis Kokkalis, completing the Kokkalis-Klonis team for other activities. Good luck Petros in whatever you do,” he added.

The new nine-member board of directors was approved

Finally, the general assembly approved the nine-member board of directors after the change in the shareholding balance in the company. The new board of directors consists of:

1. Niki Tzavella
2. Alexander Exarchou
3. Haris Pampoukis
4. Antigone Yokaris
5. Konstantinos Hatzipanagiotis
6. Nikolaos Vougioukas
7. Efstathios Tsotsoros
8. Panagiotis Antivalidis
9. Athanasios Schizas

Of the above elected members, Nikolaos Vougioukas, Efstathios Tsotsoros, Panagiotis Antivalidis and Athanasios Schizas are independent non-executive members.

Source: Capital

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