Al Jazeera journalist dead: The first images after the reporter’s murder

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A creepy video is circulating on the internet, showing the first moments after the cold murder of a journalist of Al Jazeerawhich was killed during a report in the West Bank area of ​​Jenin.

As seen in the video released on Twitter by Turkish journalist Ragıp Soylu, the Sirin Abu Akleh has fallen dead on the roadwhile next to her a her colleague cries for help and cries.

According to Al Jazeera «it is clearly a murderin violation of international rules “, as in a statement issued it notes that”Israeli occupation forces cold-bloodedly kill Al Jazeera correspondent in PalestineSirin Abu Akleh, who became a target of real bullets early this morning».

No liability

So far, the The Israeli army has not claimed responsibility and states that the journalist was probably killed by Palestinian fire, which is said to contradict the information she notes that Al Jazeera has.

Sirin Abu Aklech in Jerusalem during a report

At the same time, the Israeli army stated in a statement that conducted operations in the last few hours in the Palestinian settlement of Jeninto arrest people who are suspected of terrorism “.

Characteristically, he states that “during these counter-terrorist activities in the Palestinian settlement of Jenin Dozens of Palestinian gunmen opened fire and threw explosive devices at Israeli forces, threatening to kill them. The soldiers responded. People were affected. “The military is investigating the incident and is examining whether journalists were attacked by armed Palestinians.”

Source: News Beast

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