Al Pacino confirms that he will be a father at 83 with his 29-year-old girlfriend

Al Pacino confirms that he will be a father at 83 with his 29-year-old girlfriend

Alfredo James Pacino, better known in the artistic world as Al Pacino, stole the headlines of the entire national and international press after his representative confirmed on May 31 that the famous actor from The Godfather She is waiting for what will be her fourth child, at 83 years of age.

According to the information shared by the website TMZthe 29-year-old producer, Noor Alfallah, with whom the famous American actor has been in a relationship for a year, is eight months pregnant and was caught showing her belly with the protagonist of The devil’s lawyer just a month away from having her baby in her arms.

Although many believe that Alfallah and Al Pacino have been dating for about a year, sources close to the couple say that they were dating during the coronavirus pandemic and that they did not make their relationship public until they were officially seen in April 2022, the date on which who announced their romance. As a result of that relationship, they are waiting sweetly for what will be the first child of the American producer.

It should be noted that the protagonist of the saga The Godfather he has three children by two different women. Julie, her first daughter, had her at the age of 49 and was the product of her relationship with the coach of interpreters Jan Tarrant. Currently, her eldest daughter is 33 years old and she has followed in her footsteps in the world of cinema, as she is an actress and producer.

Little more than a decade later, Al Pacino had twins with the actress Beverly D’Angelo, Olivia and Anton James, sons of the actor who, at 22 years of age, have chosen to lead a discreet life, away from the middle of the show and away from the spotlight that focuses on his father.

Despite the fact that it is widely rumored that the protagonist of The Irish not ready or not planning to be a father for the fourth time, he is one month away from extending his family’s legacy with his 29-year-old girlfriend, who is even much younger than the eldest daughter of the man who brought the character to life. Tony Montana in Scarface.

Without further details regarding the sex of the baby that Al Pacino is expecting or the exact date of birth, all that remains is to wait for a photo or the news that the 83-year-old actor already has in his arms what will make him a father for the fourth time. .

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