Al. Tsipras: ‘Diplomatic water for Greek positions’ the NATO Summit

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The president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, described the outcome of the NATO Summit in Madrid as a diplomatic Waterloo for the Greek positions, in an interview on OPEN TV, while referring to the political situation he said that after the elections, with a SYRIZA government , the party of business interests will come to an end.

Starting from the NATO Summit he said “We all understood what happened yesterday in Madrid, but the Greek government says it is satisfied” and added that the bar of the government is low as it appears satisfied because Turkey did not raise the issue of sovereignty of the Greek islands. “Our concern is based on very serious facts. We had a historical turning point which is the confirmation of the West’s support for Turkey despite the fact that it expresses an extreme revisionist policy,” he said and continued: “We suffered a severe diplomatic defeat. If I were prime minister and we had these in Madrid and at the same time I would go around the Turkaegean on foot”. He accused the government of “practicing a dangerous foreign policy that leads us from defeat to defeat. And every time it pulls out new armament programs”. He reminded that SYRIZA also supported the purchase of Belharra frigates and the modernization of F-16s, however “we have a responsibility along with adequate defense to see the economic potential of the country”.

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On the subject of the elections, he expressed his belief that the country can be governed with a progressive government and noted: “But this presupposes SYRIZA’s first place in the elections. We want to be first by a clear margin.” Referring to the position of the president of PASOK-KINAL on the post-election cooperation, he said: “Mr. Androulakis says before the elections that he does not cooperate, but their prime ministers are elected by the people. It is unthinkable for a party to raise such issues. Here we are not confronting positions, we must let’s discuss which government will respond to society’s problems, on the basis of programmatic convergence. The citizens’ crisis will weigh on the second election as well. If SYRIZA comes first in the first elections with a clear margin, the question of governance will be answered.”

Mr. Tsipras argued that “the everyday life of the citizens plays a decisive role in their vote, but I focus on the policies that we must follow to heal the trauma of the citizens” and added: “In Europe, energy inflation is 39%, in Greece it is 62%, this difference is the precision Mitsotakis. 1.5 billion euros were the excess profits of the energy companies in the last nine months. The government said it would tax them but it didn’t. We have a double profit, private and state. The increase in state revenues is 3.8 billion euros, due to the increase in taxation. And then comes Mr. Mitsotakis and gives pre-election benefits.”

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On the question of early elections, he said that he believes “that Mr. Mitsotakis is planning elections in September and that is why I asked him to set the date and at the same time make the institutional moves and appoint a minister of the interior”. He added that “the most critical thing is to have elementary parity in the media. SYRIZA has 15% coverage in the media and ND has 75%. Is this democracy? We say we should go to elections with parity.”

In closing, he said that “Mr. Mitsotakis set up special courts referring Nikos Pappa and Dimitris Papagelopoulos. “On the day after the elections, the party will end and whoever participates in the party of business interests. With a SYRIZA government this will come to an end”, he underlined.


Source: Capital

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