Al. Tsipras for Novartis: ‘We will take you to the end, Mr. Mitsotakis’

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“The will of the Judicial Council regarding the alleged collusion in the NOVARTIS scandal is a stumbling block for those who tried to cover it up,” emphasizes Alexis Tsipras.

The president of SYRIZA-PS underlines in his statement that the will “completely acquits all the accused from the fabricated charge of fraud and sends the fabricated indictment of the preliminary investigation to the trash can”.

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Attacking the prime minister, he notes that “for three years now, Mr. Mitsotakis has been trying to manipulate the justice system. He is trying to cover up the scandal. He is trying to smear and send to prison his political opponents, even the journalists who dared to reveal the truth.”

“But the hour of Justice has come.” “And the time has come for me to reverse the words of the accused who turned into accusers. We will take you to the end, Mr. Mitsotakis,” says the official opposition leader.

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“The scandal you tried to cover up is here and it demands answers,” he adds, posing the following questions: “Who was bribed? Who obstructed the judges? Who and why are they hiding the truth?”

“Whatever you do, the answers will be given. No matter how much time passes,” Mr. Tsipras declares and finally underlines that “in this place, Democracy and the rule of law will not be defeated. And Justice will return.” .

Source: Capital

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