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Al. Tsipras: Heavy moral obligation and strong will to redress the injustice of the middle class

Al. Tsipras: Heavy moral obligation and strong will to redress the injustice of the middle class

“The goal of SYRIZA-PS” is to be first with a difference from ND “, Alexis Tsipras emphasizes in an interview with” Efimerida ton Syntakton “, noting that” this is the only possibility for political change “. Because, he adds, if ND comes first “the whole economic establishment that, in contrast to the majority of society, is favored by a Mitsotakis government, will throw all its weight in order to have a new Mitsotakis government”.

The president of SYRIZA-PS underlines that “therefore only with a clear SYRIZA primacy and a strong mandate from the voters for political change can we have a progressive government. And in fact from the first elections”. He sharply criticizes the Mitsotakis government and states that he is confident about the result of the elections, mainly because, as he states, he has confidence in the Greek people. “We have never been so ready. Because in our determination to put Greece on a path of justice and progress, an important political dimension has been added: Our experience, positive and negative, from the government.” He adds that “whether the country today is still breathing with its head out of the water is because our management capacity has left the debt regulated, the funds full and the economy at a growth rate” and therefore “today we are no longer just the Left of ideas and values ​​but also of effectiveness in governance, which wants, knows, and can “. Asked about the composition of the progressive government, he said it would not be a party government, but rooted in society, “the first in history with such participation of women, young people, working people, creation, science and the market.”

Mr. Tsipras emphasizes that under the responsibility of Mr. Mitsotakis an electoral climate has been created in the country and that “his latest statement, with which he blames SYRIZA for the early elections, in addition to its brutally anti-democratic character, confirms the common suspicion, or rather belief “. He commented, however, that the prime minister did not say so clearly and that “he prefers to maintain the blur, to play with fears and expectations, to even use the elections, a top moment of democracy, in an anti-democratic way”, emphasizing that “this is what causes prolonged instability, paralysis of the state apparatus, cessation of initiatives and a standstill in the market “. The leader of the official opposition explains that in front of them he decided to submit the relevant proposals he made to the prime minister, but the answer of Mr. Mitsotakis, through the government spokesman, “was a slanderous delusion against me and against SYRIZA”.

Asked about this, Mr. Tsipras raises the question of what Mr. Androulakis means when he talks about a social democratic government. “With what program and what forces?”, He adds, emphasizing that “at some point it is good to stop talking with signs and talking about the essence of a program and specific policies”. “In politics, no one can hide forever. And it is time for PASOK-KINAL to decide who to go with and who to leave,” he said. “As for SYRIZA”, he continues, “I do not agree that a part of it does not like the collaborations. Collaborations are one of our fundamental perceptions, hence we established the simple analogy”.

Criticizing the prime minister and the government, he said that “things are extremely bad, because Mitsotaki’s policy has magnified and multiplied the consequences of the pandemic, energy and inflation crisis” resulting in “negative firsts across Europe” in all critical indicators. He accuses him of a neoliberal perception with state intervention in the market, which understands the value of the common good and the needs of society but only the stock market values. “We are not even going to mentally continue the policy of Mr. Mitsotakis, which makes the rich richer, the poor poorer and leads to complete social demolition,” he said, reiterating that “we may not be able to promise that in the next four years we will we bring socialism, but we are committed to saving society from barbarism. ”

The former prime minister says that “we wronged the middle class” but the SYRIZA government did not do it “on a whim”, “nor because we wanted to build our own fund with direct assignments and closed tenders for the dead”. “It was not our choice. It was not even a choice. It was coercion. There was no other way to achieve a national goal,” he said. He notes that “precisely because we unwittingly wronged the middle class, we are the ones who now come with a heavy moral obligation and a strong will to redress injustice, giving it support and a lifeline from the turmoil in which it finds itself today because, however, not forced choices, as in the era of memoranda, but conscious choices of Mr. Mitsotakis “. He accuses the prime minister of “shamelessly deceiving” the middle class in the run-up to the elections and that only today SYRIZA can guarantee an increase in disposable income, tackling punctuality, striking cartels, increasing salaries, writing off pandemic debts, supporting pensioners, supporting small businesses and financial instruments. .

It also accuses the government of “creating a mechanism for redistributing public money in favor of its own vague interests and its own children”. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. . “To use a sleek phrase that others before me used: The scumbags end,” he says, adding that today “is neither 2004 to hide behind artificial prosperity, nor 2015 to try again to hide behind the hot embrace of the troika “.

On the occasion of the SYRIZA amendment for the declarations of desire, for mandatory declaration not only of the amount of loans but also of their arrangements, Mr. Tsipras states, among other things, that the process of desire “deepens the distrust of the citizens in our political system, since it functions as a laundry for the civilian staff, because it states “esches” but not “pothen” “. He adds that a deep moral issue arises since “at a time when people are drowning in debt and even the first homes of citizens are being hammered out, the government of Mr. Mitsotakis is setting a borrowing record without even knowing if and how these debts are being repaid.” . He states that the prime minister and the ministers own a total of 829 properties, 17 million euros in deposits and 13 million euros in loans, to conclude that “the Mitsotakis government is a huge distance from the real problems of the world.”

Asked to comment on the referral of Nikos Pappas to the Special Court, Mr. Tsipras states that “Mr. Mitsotakis, at the behest of the six and for decades pirates of public frequencies and” oligarchs “of information, is taking revenge on Nikos Pappas the SYRIZA government, because it forced them to put their hand deep in their pocket “. “The guilty are persecuting the innocent who protected the property and money of the Greek people,” he said.

Speaking about the procedures for the congress, the election of a leader, the increase of the party members, he states that he is proud of the success of the goal of matching the party with the social SYRIZA, as he states, noting that “now it is important to give to all this wonderful the world’s the role it deserves in shaping our politics, in the daily battles, in the electoral contest that is coming “. Regarding the internal party, he emphasizes that “today we are going for a big and critical battle, more united and more determined than ever”.

Foreign Policy

Speaking about foreign policy, Mr. Tsipras accuses Mr. Mitsotakis of “pursuing a private foreign policy” and that “this poses serious dangers for our country.” He states that with the “uninformed” armament mission in Ukraine he decided “to make Greece part of the peace part of the war” and that “he also decided to change the dogma of our foreign policy, which in the post-colonial period wanted Greece as a pillar of stability and bridge of peace in the region, restoring the doctrine of the advanced outpost, of the Papagos era “.

He also accuses him of “deciding to replace the notion that we must negotiate with our allies based on our national interests, with the notion that we must be loyal and given to our allies.” He emphasized that the Security Council was not responsible for the crackdown, but said that it was even more important now with the crisis over Syria. ” give it new modern planes “.

He points out that the Greek-Turkish relations are indeed a difficult situation “as Turkey, which in every way promotes its revision plans, has recently raised the challenges to a high-risk scale”.

He notes that in order for our country to thwart Turkish plans and avert the dangers to our national integrity, we must “first stop Mr. Mitsotakis’s foreign policy and return to a national strategy beginning with the middle and end of the Greek-Turkish, with clear red lines, European guarantees and the Hague skyline “. Also, “to return our foreign policy to the dogma of Greece as a pillar of stability and a bridge of peace” and “while maintaining our deterrent power, to keep the channels of dialogue with Turkey open with seriousness and national responsibility”.

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