Al. Tsipras: K. Mitsotakis denies the need for an ICU

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The President of SYRIZA Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras, launched a fierce attack on the government and personally on Mr. Mitsotakis for the management of the “double pandemic, that of the coronavirus and accuracy”, during the meeting he had with productive bodies and workers’ representatives in as part of his tour in Western Macedonia and Kozani.

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He accused Mr. Mitsotakis of “constantly changing position and point of view and sending wrong messages to the citizens, celebrating three times in a year and a half that the pandemic is over or that it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, so we vaccinated people should not be careful”.

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Referring to the dramatic situation in the NSS and yesterday’s statements of Mr. Mitsotakis about the pipelines outside the ICU, Mr. Tsipras noted that while our country “has been recording negative records of deaths per million population throughout Western Europe for the past three months”. “We have a Prime Minister who is presented as a denier of reality but also a denier since yesterday of the need for the existence of Intensive Care Units.”

“When he said yesterday that it is the same to be in the ICU and to be the same as being intubated outside the ICU, he goes beyond any relation to reality,” he added, while stigmatizing the fact that Mr. Mitsotakis blamed scientists for “wrong data.” on the prospect of a pandemic “in order to justify its inaction, noting that” this devalues ​​scientists and the public’s relationship of trust in science “.

In this context, he stressed that everyone understands that “there is a different chance that a patient has to be able to respond and have decent care in 2021 and another a patient who is intubated without medical care”, accusing that “this is now the responsibility of the government The pandemic did not start the day before yesterday “and characterizing” it is questionable how for two consecutive years there is no substantial support of the NSS, the hospitals of the region and the Health centers, in order for all citizens to have the right to decent care “.

In this context, he once again called for “a front of rational social and political forces against the absurdity of the denial of reality and science”, in order to take extraordinary measures “by ordering private and military beds, the development of capable ICU beds quality adequacy for patients and the recruitment of medical and nursing staff “. Especially on the issue of strengthening the NSS by recruitment, he stressed that “it is not possible to give answers ostensibly that there are no doctors while they know very well that there are hundreds waiting to be recruited”.

Regarding the obligation of vaccination for those over 60 with a fine of 100 euros per month announced by the government, he spoke of “regressions” on the occasion of “the change of government attitude towards vaccination and compulsion”, while emphasizing the need to proceed the vaccination program, expressing his concern about the lack of public confidence in the person of Mr. Mitsotakis and the government.

He added that it is not possible to say that there is no financial possibility to strengthen the NSS and that “we will find the money from the 100-euro fines for the unvaccinated elderly, while at the same time you reduce public health expenditures by 800 million euros in Budget for 2022 “.

The transfer of PPC in the midst of an energy crisis is a “crime”

At the same time, referring to the “second pandemic”, that of accuracy from the energy crisis, he reminded that “we have been shouting since last year that a wave of accuracy is coming and the government was unaware”, and that “I asked the TIF to take very specific measures that could take a breather, such as raising the minimum wage as other European countries have done to tackle the crisis, activating the Competition Commission and RAE and European countries”. This, he stressed, would mean that “every time we filled the petrol tank we would pay 25 euros less, that for an average family in the country it would cost 1,000 euros less for heating oil and that an average agricultural arable land would had a discount of 2,000 euros in the winter “.

“Instead,” he added, “we saw announcements that were really crumbs. 9 euros at the beginning, 18 euros after, 30 euros at the end to deal with increases of 100-150%,” he said, referring to “inadequacy.” and amateurism “on the occasion of the successive announcement of support measures every 25 days, even falsely saying that” they are able to cover 80% of the current increases “.

He described as “criminal” and “criminal” the policy pursued by the government in the midst of an energy crisis with the transfer of 17% of PPC, as he now said “every household and business is left as a prey to the predatory dispositions of speculators. And that is the reality. this for you here in Western Macedonia is a crime in the square “.

Especially for the transfer of PPC, he stressed that “it is not negligence, nor lack of design and amateurism, here it is deceit”, as in the midst of an energy crisis PPC was the weapon that the government has to keep competition and electricity prices low. . “On the contrary, the government decided to transfer 17% to individuals and a line for the past two years from the side of the new administration, which, having purely private financial criteria, does not realize the necessity for this company to play a public role.” This administration, as he characteristically said, “increased the tariffs by 15% in the morning when we did not increase a single euro in the bills for 4.5 years and absorbed the VAT on energy”.

Huge consequences from sloppiness to de-lignification

In addition, he accused the government of “sloppiness” in the issue of de-lignification “which has huge consequences in the region”. He stressed that “we do not even have a transition plan. One was announced in 2028, after 2025, after 2023 and then again in 2028”. In this context, he said that “the government is wrong to put the cart in front of the horse”, as “first we have to see the plan and then when it comes out in time”.

“If they have a plan, this is neither de-lignification nor carbonation, it is gasification and we all know that natural gas is a transitional fuel,” he added, adding that the consequences in the region of Western Macedonia will be great “if we do not take immediate measures.” as he said “there is a risk of a black spot on the map”.

On the other hand, he characterized SYRIZA’s plan for a “fair transition” as a special development plan with the main feature of a series of actions that will enable the region with public resources, with serious funding from the Recovery Fund, in order to maintain and to increase income and jobs on the basis of the zero social and development deficit clause for the region “.

He emphasized the need to focus on unemployment in Western Macedonia, and said that it was even more concerned with the number of unemployed people in the region over the past two years. ” region and the relevant ministries did not achieve their goal. The beneficiaries were minimal. “So the small and medium enterprise is facing huge problems in the region.”

Finally, he accused the government of taking revenge on the area for an additional reason. In addition to all the other issues and problems in the region, the devaluation of the University of Western Macedonia was added. “It is not that 6 departments have been closed. It is that with the special admission base it left 40 thousand young people out of universities to create a clientele for private colleges. that is, a 43% reduction. Why is the university shrinking? ” wondered the president of SYRIZA PS.

Following his tour in Western Macedonia, Mr. Tsipras visited the community of Agios Dimitrios, while at 19:00 he will give a speech at the indoor gym of the Municipal Sports Center of Kozani.


Source From: Capital

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