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Al. Tsipras: Mitsotakis pleads guilty, Dimitriadis resigns over surveillance scandal

“The resignation of the General Secretary of the Prime Minister under the weight of the revelations about the surveillance scandal is an admission of guilt”, stressed Alexis Tsipras, when asked about the resignation of the Prime Minister’s Secretary, Grigoris Dimitriadis, coming out of the Competition Commission. “And in any case”, noted the president of SYRIZA PS, “it does not negate the responsibilities of the Prime Minister himself, on the contrary, he confirms them”.

Mr. Tsipras said that the prime minister “at some point must give an explanation to the Greek people. Because this is not a simple issue, it is an issue of Democracy”. “And no matter how much he has tried these days with the help of the Media, which has the 108th place in the world, to hide a big scandal, this matter precisely because it is a matter of Democracy will not remain in the dark”, he underlined. adding: “All will come to light.”

Source: Capital

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