Al. Tsipras: On Sunday to give the message of change from end to end across the country

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Alexis Tsipras reserved a harsh attack on the government tonight from Agrinio, describing it as “the worst government since the change of government”, while calling on everyone on Sunday, “to give the message of change from end to end throughout the country. , to take the first big step to strengthen SYRIZA, to send a clear policy message “.

Alexis Tsipras visited Agrinio, after his visit to Arta at noon. He arrived at Irini Square at 19:00, where he was welcomed by his deputies Thanos Moraitis and George Varemenos, as well as a crowd of people with applause, despite the rain.

The leader of the official opposition, walked in the shopping center of the city to the Republic Square and as in Arta, talked to citizens and shopkeepers.

He said that he chose Agrinio to be the last stop of a big tour before Sunday, “because on the one hand it is the heart of the progressive faction, but also because the prefecture is the barometer of the electoral contests”.

Addressing the gathered, he said that during their tour in the country, he met “people angry, indignant, who are in a state of deep sadness for what is happening in our country, for the shrinking of their hope, their dreams, their lives” while he continued : “These people tell me that they have never felt so alone before, these people tell me that these days, the last months, are probably, the worst and the most difficult years the memories, in 2010-2015 – and ask for one thing: to pledge to bring hope to this place again, to pledge to bring justice to this place again, to pledge to do everything we can to get the worst government out an hour earlier than after the change of government “.

Alexis Tsipras blamed the government, because as he underlined, he has led the country to a series of negative records, he has led the country to the top of Europe in accuracy, he has brought us to the top of Europe in inequality, in deaths per million population, he has brought us but at the bottom of Europe in terms of democratic and labor rights, in terms of freedom of the press.

“The promise that we will do everything we can to bring about political change is an existential commitment,” the official opposition leader said, sharply criticizing the government over the issue of the adjustment clause in PPC’s accounts.

“All over Europe, everywhere, of course we have difficulties, but here we have the most expensive electricity bills. Here we are champions to be exact, because Mr. Mitsotakis chose in view of the energy crisis, to privatize PPC, to give 7.5 million euros to closed tenders and assignments, to put the blue Golden boys to be the ones who get fat salaries while the society is groaning, and to give the society the adjustment clause in the PPC bills, which have been looted by households and businesses. “This clause is a Mitsotaki clause and against this clause, we will respond with the clause of political change,” said Alexis Tsipras in his speech.


Source: Capital

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