Al. Tsipras: ‘You are looting the middle class because K. Mitsotakis gives insufficient pre-election allowances’

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“You are looting the middle class and the weak with precision in order for Mitsotakis to have a wine cellar in the pre-election period to give insufficient allowances”, said Alexis Tsipras from the Plenary Session, referring to the issue of energy.

Mr. Tsipras stressed that “Greece is at the center of a dangerous vortex” and that “no matter how much Mr. Mitsotakis invokes the existing international character of the crises, no monophony of propaganda can hide the multiplicity of his responsibilities”. In particular, he called the prime minister “the worst manager at the worst possible time”, arguing that “two elements characterize his management: unprecedented managerial inefficiency and incompetence, catastrophic superficiality in society and the country and cunning, highly effective but a shameless attachment to the service of great interests but also to accomplishments in business groups and party officials “.

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Referring specifically to the energy crisis, he commented that he did not expect this government to clash with everyone, even “with the independent authorities they appointed”, in order to “defend the cartels”. “In a country where accuracy and scandal are rampant, we have reached the point where the Competition Commission and the Energy Regulatory Authority are sounding the alarm,” he said, citing recent complaints by the RAE president.

“You have chosen to become the patrons of the cartels. You have chosen again, to join the parasitic minorities, towards society as a whole. You are there only to guarantee that the game of profiteering will continue unhindered, despite social outrage.” He underlined, while also referring to the issue of the abolition of the adjustment clause, characterizing it as a “great, permanent fraud against the Greek people”. He denied that the government “suddenly, after six months” adopted the argument of the opposition and consumer unions that it was “illegal and predatory” and called the perpetrators “political swindlers”, arguing that the clause was “virtually removed from the summer bills.” to be incorporated into the floating autumn accounts “.

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“You are playing with the resilience and patience of households and businesses, just to set up a two- or three-month pre-election narrative and save yourself,” he said, commenting that the “great stress” of this government is “do not let the profitability of Stassis “.

Addressing the MPs of the coalition, he called them “the biggest suckers” as, as he noted, half of them will not be re-elected “for the sake of Mr. Stassis and the other golden boys”.

Continuing, the president of SYRIZA-PS again again fully blamed the prime minister for the energy inflation rates, which in Greece is at 62%, while in the rest of the eurozone it is on average 39%. “This difference is Mitsotaki’s accuracy”, he underlined and repeated the specific steps of the ND government, from which it emerged, such as that the PPC tariffs increased by 20% in September 2019 and remained high in 2020 despite the decrease of production costs but also the connection of electricity generation in Greece to natural gas, the decision to abandon lignite production in the midst of a wave of precision and the non-existent policy to strengthen the installation of RES in the country.

He also spoke of double scandal: “On the one hand, the scandal of energy producers through electricity bills and on the other, the purely state scandal through taxation”, which he attributed to super profit from VAT and VAT. “You are looting the middle class and the weak with precision in order for Mitsotakis to have a wine cellar in the pre-election period to give insufficient benefits”, the SYRIZA-PS president underlined and launched a fierce attack on the government as a whole, blaming his political opponents that he is not liberals, nor fans of the free economy “.

“You are more immoral than liberals. A government without principles. Without a vision, without a strategic orientation for the country and society. An alloy of conservatism and adventure that the state has looted. of a small parasitic elite “, he said characteristically and concluded, repeating that” after the elections the party will end “and” ten business groups and three large funds will stop looting the wealth and life of households “.

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Source: Capital

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