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Alagoas cities need to declare emergency to access resources, says secretary

The national secretary of Civil Defense and Protection, Colonel Alexandre Lucas, declared, this Monday (4), in an interview with CNN that municipalities in Alagoas and other states that wish to access federal resources need to declare an emergency situation.

“We have a computerized system, and the municipality can directly access and request this resource. For this, the law requires him to issue a decree of emergency situation. Some municipalities already have this decree because of previous rains, others do not. By inserting it into the system, we are able to release funds immediately”, said Alexandre Lucas.

“There are municipalities that have money on account of the May 27 disaster that have not yet been able to spend this resource, because we have released this resource for three months of service. So, he can even use these resources that are already in account to serve these families”, he continued.

Alexandre Lucas explains that even with the money in account, it does not mean that the service will be immediate. It is still necessary to look for suppliers of the necessary materials, and many locations need to buy in the capital, for example. For this, aircraft of the Armed Forces are providing support.

The federal government recognized, through publication in the Official Gazette (DOU), in an ordinance National Secretariat for Civil Defense and Protection, linked to the Ministry of Regional Development, the emergency situation in 15 cities in Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte and Santa Catarina.

One of the states most severely affected by the rains, Alagoas recorded two deaths this weekend. In total, there were six deaths between June and July. About 59,000 people have been affected so far by the high rainfall that has been recorded during the months of this year.

In the state, there are more than 50 municipalities in an emergency situation, and the floods also affect the capital Maceió.

In just four days of July, cities in Alagoas recorded a greater amount of rain than the average forecast for the whole month, with more than 300 millimeters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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