Albania: Erdogan speaks in favor of Rama ahead of parliamentary elections

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THE Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not hidden as to the role he wants to play in Albania. Another proof is the intervention he made today (21/04), a few days before the parliamentary elections in the neighboring country.

Specifically, in the presence of the Turkish President from a distance, they took place in the city of Fieri, the inauguration of a hospital-gifted Erdogan to his close friend -as he called him- prime minister Eddie Rama, in view of the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 25.

The hospital, which was characterized on both sides as a symbol of Albanian-Turkish friendship, was completed in just two and a half months (!), cost 70 million and contains 150 beds and six clinics.

Speaking at the inauguration, Rama said the hospital “symbolizes the rising sun again in Albania after a dark period”, while Referring to the coronavirus pandemic, he thanked Erdogan for providing a large number of Chinese vaccines in Albania.

According to the APE-MPE, Rama also said that the hospital is the starting point of a common Turkey which will turn the healthcare system in Albania into a success story and a point of reference for neighboring countries as well.

He also added that Albania is lucky to have Turkey “so friendly and at the same time so ready to be by its side” in its country.

In this context, he referred to other areas of cooperation between the two countries, such as the restoration of cultural values ​​in the traditional centers of the cities of Argyrokastro and Beratio, the development of tourism, investment in industry, the operation in Tirana of its polytechnic branch. Istanbul.

For his part, the Turkish president, referred to “the brotherly Albanian people” -as he described it- and the rising strategic cooperation, which according to him, stems from the common history of culture between the two peoples.

In this context, he took the opportunity to wish the Albanian people for Ramadan.

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