Albania, the government with the most women in the world is born

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A government formed for three quarters of women: the Albanian premier and socialist leader Edi Rama, after the elections of 25 April, wanted to give a tangible signal of change, appointing 12 minister gives (to which very important departments have been entrusted, just as Albania – conservative and partly Muslim – is trying to accelerate entry into the European Union) and 4 male ministers.

In the new government, called “Rama 3”: the Foreign are now in the hands of Olta Xhacka, le Finances a Delinda Ibrahimi, l’Agriculture to Frida Krfica, Culture to Evlia Margariti, Infrastructure a Belinda Bolluku, il sightseeing a Mariela Kumbaro, la Public education and Evis Kushi, la Health in Ogerta Manastirliu. Among the men named, Arden Ahmetai is the deputy premier, Bledi Cuci is in the Interior, Ulsi Mania is in Justice and Niko Peleshi is in Defense.

The four ministers without portfolios are Elisa Spiropali, as Minister for Relations with Parliament, Edona Bilali, for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, Milva Ekonomi, for Services, and Bora Muzhaqi, for Youth and Children.

With a government formed to 70.6% of women, the Albanian becomes the one with the highest female component in the world, followed by Spain, where two thirds of the ministers are women, and Finland (61%). However, Rama’s previous government was also one of 14 in the world with over 50% of posts held by women.

Rama, 57, was accused of having achieved success in the elections only thanks to a huge political apparatus that feeds on state resources and uses voter intimidation. But, in his speech, the premier defended the electoral victory as legitimate and said that an important problem of Albanian politics remains the allocation of jobs in the public sector to members of the ruling party and their relatives. “There is no doubt that the political machine of a large party is indispensable to win elections,” he explained, adding, however, that “a political party should not be just a swamp of the interests of privileged individuals.”

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