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Albe: “Love is my home”

When he learned that his girlfriend Serena Carella, met in the school desks of Friendswould have taken a flight to New York to attend the prestigious Ailey School, Albe hasn’t broken down. Both because he is a black belt in long-distance relationships, and because he calculated the exact distance that divides Brescia and Cerignola, coming to the conclusion that the time to reach it in New York is decidedly more affordable than it seemed at first glance: “For New York there it takes 6 hours, while between our homes, between train and car changes, it takes about 7. I’m very calm “, explains Albe on the phone from the Warner Music headquarters in Milan, ready for the first album and the first instore of his career after the sixth place won in the talent show of Canale 5 that changed his life.

Are you happy to meet fans for the first time?
«You feel like it, even if in recent months it has happened other times, in an unofficial way. Even in Paris, where I was on vacation with Serena. I didn’t think there were so many Italians who, among other things, asked us for a selfie in front of the Mona Lisa, in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower and in front of the Sacred Heart. In practice, they always caught us in places with a top background ».

But were selfies asking more of her or Serena?
“To both of them. When we are together, it is rare that they ask us to take separate photos ».

The vacation in Paris is granted after the experience of Friends: what was it like to come back to reality?
«Initially I was anxious, too excited by everything. My stomach was closed, I ate little, but then I unlocked. I’m not Justin Bieber, with people jumping on me, and I can say that I like the fans to stop me and compliment me, only at the beginning I was very serious, I didn’t understand much ».

Why, in your opinion?
“The first few times you don’t know how to move. When you stop in a bunch of people you get scared, you start wondering if it is right to take a picture with everyone or filter but, at some point, it is inevitable to compromise. I think my other teammates haven’t asked themselves the problem, I’m the paranoid one ».

Have you always been paranoid?
“All time. At school I was pessimistic, negative about everything ».

The reason?
“My trick was that if something didn’t go well I could say” I told you so “, and if it went well I could have taken it very well because I was wrong. At the checks I always told my parents that it would go wrong for this reason” .

Are you still pessimistic now?
“Mine is a relative pessimism. I think, for example, of when they tell me that instore will be fine: I don’t want to believe it too much because, maybe, then I take it badly if it won’t be like that “.

The problem is the fear of disappointment. They say that you write music better when you suffer: do you agree?
“No. I disagree with those who say that you have to wait for inspiration and write on days when it rains: I am convinced that the more you work, the more you bring home good songs. Waiting for inspiration is a bit like sitting on the sofa and waiting for something to happen at any moment ».

The very first time you wrote a verse?
«When I downloaded TikTok and saw the kids doing the bars on already written songs. In order not to feel sorry for me, I remember I started studying other Italian singers: I saw how they wrote and I copied them for a while. Once I understood the mechanism, I went alone ».

Who were the models?
«Irama, who is very versatile, but also Mr. Rain, also from Brescia like me, Coez and Frah Quintale».

It all started in 2020, the year in which the world closed and she opened this path.
“It happened as soon as Covid started, in February. At the time I was a deejay: when I stopped, I decided to try and test myself ».

What was the thrust?
“I wanted to do something with my life. At 20, I found myself attending a university I didn’t like and not knowing where to go. When I randomly posted a video and my friends wrote to tell me I should try because I had a good voice, I got involved. Although, in general, I am someone who does not believe enough in what he does ».

Was it because he didn’t believe it enough that at 18 he chose not to throw himself into music right away by falling back on Economics?
“Yup. But look at that inside too Friends, until just before the evening, I did not believe it. For a while, I got sick, but in the end I managed to break free. I always find it hard to believe in myself: Friends, in this, he helped me a lot, even if I still have my moments. But I tell you a nice sentence that I give you permission to steal from me: no one is queuing for the flat roller coaster ».

I note it. And why precisely Economy?
“It was the faculty with the most outlets.”

Instead, as a boy, what did he want to do when he grew up?
«When I was twelve, I dreamed of becoming a very famous deejay like Martin Garrix and of doing cool festivals like Tomorrowland. I wanted to do something with the music by aiming big. I liked to think I could do it. “

Do you still think big today?
“Although I have become an adult, I continue to do so and, consequently, to take badly.”

An extra-budget dream that could make you feel bad if it doesn’t come true?
«A feat with Justin Bieber».

Did you see that she is not well now?
“In fact, I started to cry when I saw that video. I got the tickets for the concert in January, I hope there is ».

In the case of Bieber, it is likely that a little pressure was also involved. Have you ever heard it?
«I’m very calm, I don’t have much trouble showing myself. While I’m not a narcissist, I don’t care how I get out. I don’t get paranoid if I don’t speak well and if I’m not combed: I’ve discovered that being as sincere as possible makes you live better ».

In this regard, in Millevoci at one point he says: “I lack oxygen.” What gives it to him instead?
«When a project comes out, the first day I am calm. But when the first numbers start to arrive, I begin to come back to me ».

I thought love would answer me.
“That is always there. Love, especially with Serena, is my home ».

I think about Before you, a very romantic song. First love when he met him?
«I met true love with Serena. Before her, I had her classic girlfriends ».

Don’t you live together with Serena?
“No, we are together when we can.”

Is there any plan to do this in the future?
“Not for now, leaving you for New York in September. But I’ll go and see her as much as possible. ‘

As a good paranoid, doesn’t distance discourage you?
“No, because I’m used to it. Fortunately or unfortunate I had two girls – one when I was 16 and the other when I was 19 – who lived very far from me: I did a little muscle, but with Serena, even if I hadn’t tried one before. long distance relationship, I would have done the same “.

I want to go back to dreams for a moment: is Sanremo one of those extra-budgetary ones for you?
«I don’t think it impossible, since there are always new recruits who go there. As a pessimist I tell you that I will not go there, but it is obvious that I would like to approach a new audience that is wider than that of Friends. I’d like to go there with a piece that reflects me and that allows me to make a good impression, even if I don’t finish in the top ten ».

After all, the latest edition taught us that the last will be the first.
“Sure, Tananai. A great, my idol. He is the proof of what I said before: the one who is more himself wins ».

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