Albert of Monaco: “The priority is Jacques and Gabriella, the whole family around them”

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The Grimaldi family squares around Jacques and Gabriella. Faced with the speculations of the French weekly here is who reads a first step towards divorce from Charlène Wittstock in Switzerland Albert of Monaco, and of the other press that instead sees more serious diseases in the new European hospitalization of the princess than those reported by the Rocca, the royal family has only one goal: protect children.

Already at the celebrations of the national holiday on Friday 19, during which the children of the Monegasque sovereign sent a tender message to their mother from a sheet of sketchbook, the aunts Caroline and Stephanie, and all the cousins, children of Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi, tried as much as possible not to make the twins miss their mother even more. “The children are not well,” admitted Alberto himself with Monaco Morning, «They have suffered from the absence of their mother all these months and having had to say goodbye to her again is painful for them, who are still small. But we have always been a united family and, even if no one can take the place of their mother, we try not to let them lack all the love they deserve and need ».

Caroline of Monaco and her sister Stéphanie with her grandchildren Jacques and Gabriella and her brother Alberto at the celebrations of November 19, Monegasque national holiday


This is why he, even on his recent state trips – to Ireland, Germany and Glasgow for Cop26 – has brought them with him. And that’s why aunts Caroline and Stéphanie are always next to them and they were also during the celebrations on Friday: one taking care of little Jacques, the other never letting go of Gabriella’s hand. «My priority is my family», Alberto reiterated, «e if one of the parents is away for health reasons, the other must be there and do double. I have too many friends who regret not having done enough for their children by giving more importance to professional life, I don’t want these regrets someday. “

Princess Caroline, Jacques and Gabriella


Charlène, moreover, risks not going home very soon. “Out of discretion, I cannot say more, but she is still not well”, reiterated Alberto, neither confirming nor denying that his wife is in a Swiss clinic, but sweeping away the rumors that they want the princess to be affected by Covid or a tumor. “These months have been very heavy for her: my wife is very tired and needs rest, she has to recover from a fatigue that is not only physical. But as soon as her health allows it, the Princess will be happy to resume her institutional duties and to be close to the Monegasques ». In addition to her children, who most of all need her and would like her home for their seventh birthday on December 10th.


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