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Alckmin announces R$741 million in federal resources for areas affected by rain in RS

The acting president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), announced this Sunday (10) that the federal government will allocate R$741 million in resources to the regions affected by the rains caused by the passage of an extratropical cyclone in Rio Grande do Sul.

Alckmin flew over the municipalities of Vale do Taquari, the area that suffered the greatest damage, and stated that the natural disaster that hit Rio Grande do Sul will be the government’s top priority at the request of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“President Lula guided us to [dar] absolute priority, top priority in this partnership with the population and the region”, stated Alckmin.

The acting president was accompanied on the trip by an interministerial team and the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB). See the list of ministers who traveled to the state:

  • Nísia Trindade, Minister of Health;
  • Marina Silva, Minister of Environment and Climate Change;
  • Paulo Pimenta, chief minister of the Secretariat of Social Communication;
  • José Múcio, Minister of Defense;
  • Wellington Dias, Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger;
  • Waldez Góes, Minister of Integration and Regional Development;
  • Paulo Teixeira, Minister of Agrarian Development and Family Farming;
  • Jader Filho, Minister of Cities.

The ministry that will allocate the most resources to the affected areas is Cities, which will pay for the construction of housing in the region with R$195 million. Next comes Integration, which will spend R$185 million to provide humanitarian aid and help with the reconstruction of municipalities affected by the rains.

Among other actions, the government also talked about rebuilding the region’s basic health units (UBS), rebuilding a BR-116 bridge over the Rio das Antas and releasing aid of R$800 per person, in two installments of R$ 400, for the affected municipalities.

Alckmin also announced that the Social Communication department, together with Telebrás, worked to reestablish telephony in the region, transferring 13 satellite terminals.

Source: CNN Brasil

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