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Alckmin will have a meeting on Braskem mines with the governor of Alagoas

The acting president Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) should hold, next Tuesday (05), a meeting with the governor of Alagoas, Paulo Dantas (MDB), to discuss the need for help from the federal government to the state, if there is predicted collapse of a Braskem petrochemical mine in Maceió.

The city’s Civil Defense issued a high alert this Thursday (30) due to the imminent risk of collapse of mine 18, in Lagoa Mundaú, in the Mutange neighborhood, in the capital of Alagoas.

The Minister of Transport, Renan Filho, met with members of the Alagoas Environmental Institute (IMA) and the State Civil Defense last night (30) to gather information. According to him, the National Civil Defense stated that the risk of collapse exists but there should not be a sinking of very large proportions that could exceed the area that was vacated.

“The important thing is that the area of ​​influence of this catastrophe was evacuated. Some people were still there, and by court decision, they had to be removed, even if now reluctantly, and this is fundamental because the most important thing at this moment is to preserve lives”, said the minister.

During the meeting, the coordinator of the State’s Civil Defense, Colonel Moisés Melo, informed that this Friday (1) the body will have a meeting with the Public Ministry of Alagoas to request that Maceió City Hall and Municipal Defense be charged with information about the situation at the mine.

According to the state government, the Federal Police stated that it called criminal experts to carry out an additional analysis of the Mutange situation.

Eminent risk of collapse

The Civil Defense of Maceió issued, this Thursday (30), a maximum alert due to the imminent risk of collapse of the Braskem petrochemical mine. The area has already been vacated and the recommendation is that the population avoids traveling in this region while control and monitoring measures are applied to reduce the danger, until further updates from the agency.

According to the Government of Alagoas, five earthquakes were recorded in the region this November alone. The collapse of the mine could cause the formation of large craters in the region, in addition to causing a cascade effect on other mines.

In a statement, Braskem said that it continues to be mobilized and monitoring the situation at mine 18, and that current data shows that ground movement remains concentrated in the area of ​​that mine.

According to the company, the service area where the well filling work is carried out has been isolated since Tuesday afternoon (28), in compliance with the actions defined in the safety protocols.

“Since last night, the company has also been supporting the emergency relocation of residents who still resist staying in the vacated area. This emergency relocation was judicially determined yesterday, and is being coordinated by Civil Defense. The preventive relocation of the entire risk area began in November 2019 and 99.3% of the properties are already unoccupied”, adds the note.

Source: CNN Brasil

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