Alcohol consumption has no protective effect on the human body

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In this Wednesday’s edition (26) of the Medical Correspondent board, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes discussed the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages on the heart, after a position by the World Heart Federation (WHF) raised the debate about the question.

According to a statement released by the institution, studies that claim that alcohol can be good for the heart have some errors. According to the WHF, there is no level of consumption that can be considered safe – and possible benefits are less than the risks posed by ingestion.

Fernando Gomes explained that there is a correlation between alcohol consumption, regardless of the level, and the development of coronary artery disease, in addition to cases of heart failure, arterial hypertension, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and aneurysm. For the doctor, the Federation’s movement puts “dots on the i’s”.

“What is being said is that alcohol cannot be prescribed as a medicine to prevent or promote heart health. Of course, there is the concept of having a glass of wine or a ‘choppinho’ once a week to protect your health. What the study brings, looking at the chemical substance, is that there are no safe levels to make that claim.”

The neurosurgeon pointed out, however, that the complexity of life can sometimes overlap data and numbers. According to Gomes, a moment of celebration with friends, which reduces sadness and anger – two sensations that usually precede a stroke, according to a study -, can “protect” the person from a vascular accident. “That’s why it’s so hard to pass such hard-hitting data this way.”

“The great information that remains when we bring data like this is that, for those who have the habit of drinking alcohol, do so in moderation. If you’ve never tried it or don’t feel like it, continue on this path, because the works don’t show that there is a real protective effect”, he concluded.

Basing on the differences between the concepts of “excess” and “tasting” of alcohol, Fernando Gomes defended that the longevity of life can be protected with a balanced diet that includes, for example, a glass of wine, as in the case of the so-called Mediterranean diet. . “It is a protection for the health of the physical body, the heart and impacting more years of life.”

“What always prevails, when we are talking about health, is common sense. It’s the middle way. Tasting a wine, enjoying this moment with family and friends in moderation, will bring emotional benefits. Crossing over with the previous study [sobre AVC], you realize how important it is to have emotional health”, he concluded.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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