Alec and Hilaria Baldwin again parents (surprisingly): the sixth child was born

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Just six months after the birth of the fifth child Eduardo, who came to light last September, Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas have become parents again. To announce it, come on Instagram, she was the actor’s wife, sharing a shot with the entire family: the only absent husband, author of the photo.

To accompany the image, only a number, 7, and a heart, perhaps in reference to Ireland Baldwin, the first daughter of Alec, the only one had by the ex Kim Basinger, very close to her younger brothers.

In the Stories, then, the former yoga teacher launched a survey: “How many children do you see, five or six?”

And immediately, inevitably, questions arose, which at the moment have not yet found answers or confirmations. Among the most accredited hypotheses, the one that the couple has resorted to surrogacy or that the baby has been adopted. A premature birth is less plausible, as is a delayed communication of Eduardo’s birth. Aside from the latter, Alec and Hilaria have had Carmen, 7 years, Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, e Romeo, 2. A family that grew up in a hurry: the two married in 2012 in New York and soon decided they wouldn’t be alone.

The good news comes after months that are not easy for the couple. Last fall Hilaria had been overwhelmed by controversy, accused of pretending to be Spanish, in the end she was forced to admit that she was born in Boston, so much so that some haters even implied that this twist of the new motherhood was artfully built to divert attention from the story of the false nationality, and even before that there had been the pain of two abortions at very close range.

The dream of the former yoga teacher was to give a little sister to the eldest daughter Carmen: the pink onesie of the news entry in the family would seem to favor a girl, but only those directly interested can give confirmation. At the moment the Baldwins did not want to make any statements, as pointed out by People, so much so that he also blocked the comments under the click of the ad. Time to time. After all, a bit of suspense is always fun for stars. Best wishes!

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