Alec Baldwin: The mystery with the gun that struck Alina Hutchins fatally – The unanswered questions

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In a horrific accident during the filming of Rust in New Mexico, the director of photography was killed and the director was seriously injured when Alec Baldwin fired a gun that allegedly had real bullets.

There are many unanswered questions that plague the principles and the world of cinema about how one prop weapon (ss. fake weapons or replicas with bullet cartridges used in the films) was found to be armed with regular bullets. As well as why in the scene of the movie Rust the choice had been made to have weapons even with bulletproof missiles. It has not yet been clarified what kind of weapon the actor used.

In fact, the mystery with the normal bullets in the deadly, as it turned out, weapon that Baldwin used, if solved, will have the critical answer to how the tragedy happened during the shooting of the film.

The announcement of the police and the production company

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Hutchins and Souza were shot when a prop gun was fired by 68-year-old Baldwin, who is a producer and actor in the film, which deals with an accidental murder.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident and no charges have been filed so far, the office said.

“The investigation into the incident remains open,” the police department said.

The film’s production company, Rust Movies Productions LLC, said in a statement about the tragedy: “The entire cast and crew are utterly devastated by today’s tragedy and we send our deepest condolences to Alina’s family and loved ones.

We have stopped production of the film indefinitely and are cooperating fully with the Santa Fe police investigation.

We will provide consulting services to everyone involved in the film as we try to process this tragic event.

How can fake weapons kill

When making a gun movie, there are many choices to make: Each gun must be suitable for the character and suitable for the scene. There is also the choice of whether to use props, replicas, real weapons or all 3.

But most importantly, everyone on the set needs to know how to work with weapons.

A weapon without ammunition – that is, a weapon without bullets or with bullets – is not dangerous. But even so, there is always a gunman, a security officer and a coordinator on set: At least three people who always have their eyes on the guns on set.

A prop weapon is not always a toy or a fake weapon and can actually be a fully functional weapon. According to the website of The Specialists LTD, a company that provides weapons to support Hollywood productions, firearms fall into three categories.

Blank projectiles are real weapons that fire bullets with a shell that are unarmored.

Replica pistols are made of metal, resin, plastic or rubber and are designed to look identical to real weapons. They do not shoot.

Non-firearms are similar to replica weapons, but have the added feature of an electronically activated flash in the muzzle – the light generated by an explosion – to simulate the firing of a weapon.

An empty cartridge is an ammunition unit that penetrates the barrel of a weapon with all the components like a normal cartridge without having the bullet. This means that it still contains the casing, gunpowder and a pin on the bottom of the cartridge.

When you fire a vacuum, the gunpowder ignites and pushes the casing out of the gun.

Despite the fact that there is no bullet, there is still a loud bang, a bounce and a flash in the muzzle during the shot. How can a pistol kill someone?

The flash of the muzzle and the ignition of the gunpowder are explosive enough to cause injury to someone if they hit them too close.

This is not the first time that shooting shots have led to tragedy. The late actor Brandon Lee – the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee – died at the age of 28 in 1993 on the set of The Crow (1994)..

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