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Alejandro Sanz congratulates Shakira on her birthday and rumors of a secret romance are unleashed

On February 2, Shakira turned 46 years old, of course, she received many congratulations from friends, colleagues and fans who wished him the best in this new year of life.

As expected, those of celebrities were the ones that attracted the most attention. Carlos Vives gave him a collage of images that made the Colombian cry, Bizarrap wished her a happy birthday, the producer Emilio Estefan mentioned how proud he is of her, but among all the expressions of affection the Internet users highlighted that of Alejandro Sanz, since the majority commented that it was It was evident that there was something more between them and they even joked that they should get married. Below we share the best reactions from Twitter users.

1. The emotional congratulations that set the internet on fire

2. Maybe they just haven’t noticed

3. Sanz flirting with Shaki

4. Sharing something other than songs?

5. The chemistry between the two is evident

6. Scenes we can’t forget

7. We even invent things for wanting to see them together

8. Professional or romantic collaborations?

9. Their expressions said it all

10. We all want it to happen

11. Everything revived with Shakira’s congratulations to Alejandro Sanz for his birthday

12. The rumors keep growing

Anecdote of friends?

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