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Alejandro Sanz would be bankrupt after being scammed by a trusted friend

The Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz is back in the news after it was revealed that he could be bankrupt after being scammed by a trusted friend. As if that were not enough, it is rumored that he agreed to be the guarantor of a debt that in the end he had to absorb, as well as that mismanagement was detected in his accounts.

For this reason, the lack of liquidity could put the talented singer-songwriter in check, although it is said that these problems come from a long time ago, perhaps that is why the interpreter of Broken heart He let it be seen that he feels tired and that he is not going through a good moment as far as mental health is concerned.

Alejandro Sanz poses with a slight smile, he has gray hair and is wearing dark clothes

After Alejandro Sanz published a message on his networks in recent days that nothing is going well emotionally, it has been revealed that the interpreter of My friend You could also be facing financial problems. The newspaper Brand reported that journalist Antonio Belchi, based in Miami, Florida, United States, spoke about it.

This news had already been known for years, when he had to sell his house as a result of a sentence that is still in progress. He put himself up as collateral to be able to return this money to a Florida company. To do this, he had to sell this property (a house) because Alejandro filed for bankruptcy. This property, he sold it for ten million dollars.

With a grimace, Alejandro Sanz poses in front of the mirror to take a selfie. He has blond hair and a slight white beard.

On the other hand, Nacho Gay, who is a collaborator of the Spanish television program Public mirrormentioned that the interpreter of Living fast He has a shortfall in his companies for 15 million euros (approximately 16 million dollars), of which the Treasury is demanding a part. Therefore, according to Acehas a serious liquidity problem that it has been solving little by little.

A few years ago, during a tax inspection, Alejandro Sanz discovered that he had a very large hole in all his accounts. He had his accounts in the hands of an administrator, his brother, Rosa Lagarrigue, who was his representative and with whom he ended up very badly and the courts sentenced him to pay him 4.5 million euros. At that time, he puts the company in the hands of a Universal executive and they restructure all of this.

Despite all his problems, emotional and possibly financial, the talented musician has mentioned that he will not suspend the tour he is doing, because, in his most recent messages, he showed that he feels much better.

Source: Okchicas

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