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Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi, married in Sicily: all the details of the wedding

The countdown to the wedding of Alena Seredova And Alexander Nasiwho will get married on Saturday June 17th. To say “yes”, the couple chose Sicily, Noto to be precise, a city to which neither of them is particularly attached, and the reason for the choice lies precisely here. “Alessandro and I have never been there and we love to contaminate each other with pure memories”, revealed the former model in an interview with Today.

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«My friend and wedding planner Alessandra Grillo, who also organized Chiara Ferragni’s wedding in Noto, had offered us about ten locations. But this wonderful place, where we want to party with the people we love, has for us the characteristics of surprise: it will give us the sensation of a first time».

Alena Seredova on Buffon’s betrayal: «Never forgotten. We are not an extended family”
While waiting for her wedding with Alessandro Nasi, the Czech model recalls the past and reiterates: “I’m not a person who wants revenge, but neither is one who forgets”

After the signatures in the Municipality (Alena has already married in church, with Gigi Buffon ed) the ceremony will be outdoors, in front of approx one hundred guests. Witness of the bride, Lavinia Borromeo, still top secret, however, the name of Nasi’s witness, at his side since 2014. Galeotta, as mentioned by Seredova, the friendship with Lavinia Borromeo; it is thanks to her that the two met. In fact, Borromeo is the wife of John Elkann, cousin of Nasi, the only one who was able to win the heart of the former model after the farewell to Buffon. “I didn’t want a serious relationship, but Alessandro had endurance and patience. It always happens like this: when you don’t look, it’s time to happen».

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At the time, the only thought was for his children, Louis Thomaswho is 15 today, e david lee, 13. Nasi, as Alena often recalled, knew how to wait and respect his times. The family then grew with the arrival of Vivienne Charlotte, born in May 2020. The past doesn’t hurt anymore today: it’s, after all, what brought them and be who they are.

Source: Vanity Fair

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