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Alerj’s CPI will ask Aneel to review the concession contract with Enel

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), which analyzes the quality of services provided by concessionaires in the state, decided to ask the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) to intervene in the company’s concession contract Enel, which provides services, supplies energy to 66 municipalities in Rio de Janeiro. The request for intervention was unanimously approved by the deputies present at the joint public hearing held this Tuesday (28) with the Permanent Committees on Mines and Energy and Consumer Protection of the House.

Representatives from Enel and Light were heard at the session about the recent energy crisis that generated a lack of energy supply in several regions of the state. According to the president of the CPI, deputy Rodrigo Amorim (PTB), any intervention by Aneel could even result in the suspension of Enel’s concession contract, if non-compliance with clauses set out in the contract is proven.

“The electricity contract is federal in scope, therefore, it is at the mercy of Aneel’s supervision. The appeal we make is that an agreement can be established, granting regional powers, so that the State can monitor these concessions. On Monday, 66 mayors met in Niterói to address this issue, which demonstrates the seriousness of the problem”, explained Amorim.

On the 18th, after the rains that hit a large part of the state, around one million customers were left without power, reaching a peak of 600 thousand simultaneous users without the service, according to data presented by the president of Enel in Rio de Janeiro , Ana Paula Pacheco. The company attributed the responsibility for the problem to winds of around 100 km/h that caused, for example, the fall of trees and branches that reached part of the concessionaire’s distribution network.

The company’s president also stated that, between 2019 and 2022, Enel increased its workforce by 43%. The statement was questioned by parliamentarians, who stated that there are not enough rescue teams, especially when there are heavier rains, in addition to complaints that investments have been reduced in equipment maintenance and that tree pruning, which affects the network high voltage devices are increasingly rare.

Light’s Institutional Relations superintendent, Daniel Carvalho Mendonça, stated that in the area served by the company, around 710 thousand customers were affected on the same date.

“One of the key factors in attracting investment to the state is the availability of continuous energy, of good quality and at a fair price, which is not the case in Enel’s concession area. Therefore, this CPI, in its final report, will forward to Aneel an indication of federal intervention in the concession of the distributor”, stated deputy Alan Lopes (PL), who suggested the intervention.

In addition to the intervention request, the deputies decided to organize public hearings across the state to discuss problems and failures in the energy supply. Parliamentarians must visit municipalities served by both Enel and the Light concessionaire.

“It is essential that we have these regional hearings to continue the issues discussed at today’s meeting, because the population has very specific demands and will be able to speak openly about the problems”, commented deputy Professor Josemar (PSol), who presented the proposal.

One of the proposals discussed to improve the service was the grounding of cables, which would avoid interruptions caused by winds and falling trees. Deputy Dionísio Lins (PP) suggested that Enel and Light make an adjustment in their conduct in this regard.

“We need to create a way to establish an adjustment in the conduct of both concessionaires and for these House Committees to take demands to the Federal Government and the Federal Parliament so that we have a targeted action, with investments, to end the airway of energy. This already happens in part of the South Zone of Rio, but in the North and West Zones, Light has never cared,” said Lins, vice-president of the Consumer Protection Commission.

This Monday (27), the day before the hearing, there was a meeting, in Niterói, in the Metropolitan Region, with the 66 mayors served by Enel, who decided to file a Public Civil Action at the Rio Court of Justice against the energy concessionaire . In the process, municipalities ask for the restoration of light supply within 4 hours in places still without electricity and the creation of a contingency plan for future power outages.

CNN Brasil contacted Enel and is awaiting its position on the matter.

Source: CNN Brasil

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