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Alert in Fresnillo, one of Mexico's most dangerous cities – 9 bodies found

Yesterday, Tuesday 7/5, the authorities of the city of Fresnillo were put on alert as nine bodies were found by the authorities in its center. The city in question, which is located in central-northern Mexico, is considered one of the most dangerous in the country and from where the opposition presidential candidate launched her campaign, as she focuses on the issue of security. The victims undoubtedly paid the heaviest price in the conflict between two gangs, according to authorities. Next to the bodies were found “messages addressed to a rival gang,” a state government official in Sacatecas, Rodrigo Reges, explained via social networking sites. Fresnillo, home to about 240,000 people, is on a drug-trafficking route controlled by two of Mexico's most bloodthirsty gangs, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, according to authorities. The nine bodies were found abandoned on the ground, near a market. Two days earlier, gang members blocked roads and set fire to vehicles in retaliation for […]
Source: News Beast

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