Alessandra Amoroso starts again from “Big smile”

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«I love light, but I have learned that there is also darkness. I live on music, but I also listen to silence. I learned not to fight sadness, darkness and fears, but to accept them and go through them ». These are the words that Alessandra Amoroso choose to describe Big smile, her new single out today, Thursday 8 April, and defined by the singer herself as «a song of awareness and hope». Twenty-four hours after the release of Feather, another song dedicated to a particular moment in his life that summarizes emotions that take on a universal value for everyone, Amoroso describes this new creative drive with enthusiasm and serenity.

«Feather it is a song that comes from a moment of fear and loneliness: two emotions that in the last year have united many people, forced by the historical moment to isolation in their homes. If at the beginning of the song these emotions, added to the pain for the end of a love, weigh like boulders on the chest, in the end they lead to react and reach a new awareness, the one that we must learn to live “light as a feather”. This awareness leads to Great Smile, a sunny piece, open, full of a newfound energy that represents rebirth, the rediscovery of herself in a new light… the image of a strong woman who knows who she is and what she wants and has found the courage to be herself ».

Written by Davide Petrella and produced by Dario Faini, Sunny smile, which is released after the event streamed on A-LIVE who saw Alessandra Amoroso sing the song live with her band on a stage built in front of the Palalottomatica in Rome, tells of the lights and shadows that have appeared in each of us, especially after this last year. «I have never stopped laughing because I don’t want to abandon myself. Even if the wind blows hard on my face, I always keep a dream in my pocket “ Alessandra sings with emotion and feeling, dim light at the end of a tunnel that seems to never end and that, “after so much effort”, helps us to understand that we are still “in love with this life”.

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