Alessandro Greco: «After Dolce Quiz, I dream of Miss Italy and Sanremo. And maybe Eurovision “

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Andrea Maria Falzone

What if she participated as a competitor and they asked her about the vaccine?
“Asking live is out of place, I would have said we could have gone to Bruno Vespa’s, but in any case I don’t consider it a question but an interference. I am an artist, not a columnist. Does the program go on because it is strong or because of Mietta’s decisions? Milly Carlucci is a professional and is able to use the necessary countermeasures, such as a tampon every two days, and for sure she will have considered it. It is unimaginable that it will jeopardize production for such a thing. “

What’s so special about it Sweet Quiz instead of the other made in Italy cooking programs?
«It is not the classic cooking show, it has a strong entertainment presence but with a new formula: it is not just sautéed. The appearance of the game won the affection of the public and I felt it ».

«I feel it if a program is polite, nice, of quality».

What do your children think?
«They are my first supporters, active on social networks and attentive. Of Sweet Quiz they said it is innovative, full of ideas and rhythm, therefore very current. Together we do the evening-sofa, but no marathons ».

Will there be a second season?
«That was the idea, but with the change of management of the network, the signs of continuity have returned. When a program is no longer there, it is rarely a choice of those directly involved “.

Would do it again Furore O Miss Italy?
“Both of them. The edition of Furore of 2017 was to celebrate 20 years, but if it recapitulates it does not have to be registered but with live reactions from social media. On the other hand, when the disco of the Italians opens it is full. Instead the 2021 edition of Miss Italy via streaming has shown that a leaner / smarter formula can work: a couple of hours, a single evening, with presentations of the girls, three fashion shows (costume, elegant dress and maybe wedding dress) and then the election. A brand like this or Sanremo must continue to exist ».


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