Alessandro Iannoni leaves the Island of the Famous: “I have to study”

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Fame is fine, but the university is more important. This he thought Alessandro Iannonicastaway ofIsland of the famous who yesterday blatantly announced that he will leave Cayos Cochinos and return to Italy.

“I miss everyone at home but that’s not the reason. The truth is that I have to study: I have the exams at the university, e I can not postpone. I have kept my promise, I have grown and matured, but I can no longer stay here, “said the son of Carmen Di Pietro And Giuseppe Iannoniwho studies Business Economics at Luiss in Rome.

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The boy’s decision follows that of the production of lengthen the transmission – which should have ended on May 23 – another month. Too much for Alexander’s schedule to which life as a castaway was beginning to be too tight. “I am firm in this decision, I do not think this 24 hours a day,” he replied to the presenter Ilary Blasi who tried to make him give up, inviting him to postpone exams.

“I’m so sorry to leave, but I have to think about my future. School comes first ”, she concluded, receiving the applause of Nicola Savino: «One who between the study and a Reality show chooses the studio, I can only appreciate it a lot », commented the commentator.

To support the choice also Carmen Di Pietro, who accompanied her son in this adventure: «He is a sin that he goes away but I understand him completely e has my support»Commented the mother is shipwrecked, which will remain on the island instead. «He told Me that if he stayed here he would stay on the mat thinking about his studies of him. So, at this point, it is good to go and we will see you soon ».

Alessandro Iannone he is not the only castaway to leave the game. They will also return to Italy Licia Nunezthe rapper Blind And Guendalina Tavassipotential winner, who explained the decision with the need to return to their children: “They need me,” said the influencer.

Just yesterday, however, the news came out that the ex-husband of Guendalina, Umberto D’Aponte, accused of abuse from Tavassi himself, he returned to freedom after three months in prison, and many have linked Gwendolyn’s decision to leave the island precisely to this news.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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