Alessandro Preziosi and Claudia Pandolfi: “We bulky parents”

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Alessandro Preziosi e Claudia Pandolfi they meet brother and sister in the drama My brother, my sister by Roberto Capucci (from 8 October on Netflix). The two take on the role of Tesla e I, very different from each other: he wanders the world without a family, she is separated, she has two children (Sebastiano, played by Francesco Cavallo, a cellist suffering from schizophrenia, e Carolina – Ludovica Martino, with whom she has a conflictual relationship) and is trapped by an obsession with her sick child.

After twenty years, at the funeral of their father, Nik and Tesla meet and clash: the father’s last wish is to make them live together in the same house for a year. The relationship with Nik will be explosive for the whole family, time will lead each character to reflect on himself, on his own inner conflicts, on family ties and on forgiveness.

«Nik and Tesla seem a bit like Sylvester and Tweety the cat, or rather, in both of them there are both », Preziosi describes them,« they are spiteful, tender and resentful ». Apparently they can’t stand each other, but beyond appearances there is a strong bond that binds them, made of vibrations. And they are vibrations similar to those that Alessandro and Claudia experienced on the set. “We have been very complicit, especially in the scenes that required a certain carnality », Pandolfi says,« we felt a little brother and sister: we could count on each other ».

In the film the confrontation and the generational clash are clear. Claudia Pandolfi and Alessandro Preziosi talk about the difficulties of being parents. “A parent’s life is full of traps», Explains the actress,« you feel in the balance between the need to guard the creature you have brought into the world and that of destining it to the world, of considering it as an independent human being who has the right to make mistakes. Finding this balance is complicated ».

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«How are you wrong, I have never found a rhetorical phrase that was more appropriate “, adds Preziosi, father of Edoardo (26) and Elena (15),” now there are too many rules in the relations between fathers and children. Children must be obsessed until they are 12, then you lost them. You have to be friends with him, but today the parents project on them all that they have unresolved. And they do it with irony. But then one day your son comes up and tells you: “I take my own path“. And it is right that it should be so because this is life: to bear the beauty and the risks alone, not always have your back covered ».

And this is precisely another complicated aspect of the parent: «Even more than the need to protect the children it is our duty to step aside, because we are bulky», Claudia admits, she who has a passion for communication. “I always have to communicate with them (the children are 5 and 15 years old), few things, synthetic concepts, but I have to do it”.

With Alessandro and Claudia we also address the social issue, since it is also covered in My brother, my sister. “I’m terrified, if I could go to a rehab to detoxify I would do it”, says the actor, “sometimes I really miss the air, I I feel like when I smoke: it sucks me, but I keep doing it».

Claudia is less victim of the various social networks: “Either I’m lucky or I’m smarter», He smiles as he glances at his colleague who writhes on himself,« I don’t need to use social media to feel satisfied, I’m not vain and I don’t update the world on what I do every day. I use them in moderation. My 15-year-old son Gabriele also has a healthy relationship, he went further “.

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