Alessia Lautone: “Here’s where the new journalism goes”

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Romana, 54 years old, two grown children, Alessia Lautone is the new director of LaPresse, the famous press agency, which, born as a photographic agency, has then added to the photo report also the press office, celebrity management and television productions. A key role therefore, in a moment in which the world of information is revolutionizing, in which parameters, forms and substances are changing.

Can you tell us about her? What did he do before he got here?

«Before arriving at managing a press agency, there is a very long journey, made up of studies and many small jobs. Out of high school, I enrolled in the University, Law first, without ever having been convinced, and then Letters. In the meantime, the passion for journalism has arrived. I started working in a small private Roman broadcaster, directed by Alberto Michelini. From there I started studying diction and acting, I took courses in directing, shooting and editing. I left for Bucharest, during the Romanian Revolution of 1989. I understood that “telling” was all that interested me. In the meantime I did an audition at Rai and the head of the structure Luciano Scaffa called me to conduct the religious columns of Rai Uno. Then the radio newspapers on Rds and the conduct of literary and film awards for Rai. It seems a century ago, but each of these experiences has enriched me deeply, even if looking for the news, smelling it, recognizing it, dissecting it, telling it, has always remained my greatest desire ».

Press agencies are the primary source of information: how careful are you with the spread of fake news, another polluting element of our current world?

“Agencies are primary sources of information, but information, for some time now, can be found on social media, without being certified and verified. We, of course, try to be very careful to verify the news and publish only what corresponds to the truth. The news that comes out of us has a sort of guarantee certificate ».

LaPresse is very famous for its photographic services: how much and how has the use of images changed over time?

«We were born as a photographic agency, and in fact we have an archive that everyone envies us, but today we are in effect a press agency, with a great multimedia vocation. For us, images have always been part of the story ».

Today we are all very well informed: between radio, websites, TV, smartphones and talking gizmos. How do you expect the information of tomorrow to develop?

«Certified information will always play a leading role. Indeed, I believe that the importance of serious and quality information will again be strongly considered. As for the printed word, what can we say? Maybe I’m old but if I don’t have a paper bribe in the morning, the day takes a different turn. But I realize that my children find out in other ways and have never bought a paper newspaper in their life. We cannot fail to acknowledge this ».

I know she moved from Rome to Milan. Doesn’t this affect your private life? What place does work have (and has it had) in your life?

“I moved from Rome to Milan. It was all very natural: Milan is an easy and fascinating city, Rome remains in my heart. The work was among the first places for a long time, until one day, suddenly, it was gone. It was then that I really understood myself, I found myself thinking, feeling good in silence, wondering what I could earn. I had so much from life, when life took something away from me. It was wonderful to find myself and discover myself. I think I’m the pride of my analyst … “

What do you think of the gender gap? She has reached the top: is it still different for a woman to be in charge of such an important structure?
“Of course it’s different. You leave bits of unlived life along the way, feelings thrown away. You are perpetually looking for a perfection that does not exist. The other day I heard Professor Amalia Ercoli Finzi on TV. She said: “Stop asking women for excellence”. At that moment I loved her ».

If you were to give advice to a girl who is entering the world of work today, what would you recommend?
“Don’t try to be different from yourself. And never stop believing in your dreams ».

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