Alex Zanardi, protagonist of the new issue of GQ Italia

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The new issue of GQ Italy dedicated to the champion Alex Zanardi.

The cover is in fact an artwork created by the artist Pietro Ruffo, exclusively for GQ Italia, who sketched Alex Zanardi’s face freehand, inspired by a photo of Julian Dufort. The design was made on thermal paper (the one used for emergency blankets). The work of the size of 210 × 160 was then photographed to make the cover.

In the pages of this special issue the story of Alex Zanardi is told with the help of some extraordinary contributors: Giorgio Armani, Paolo Barilla, Claudio Arrigoni, Vittorio Podestà, Roberto Olivi.

“For us Zanardi is the hero, the messenger of positive values, the man whose life and strength of mind to inspire us for the beginning of this 2021. The tribute to Zanardi is the beginning of a new editorial path by GQ who has decided to focus on the story of #GQHeroes, figures and personalities who with their gestures, ideas and cultural values, offer unconventional solutions to face the contemporary “, he says Giovanni Audiffredi, Director of GQ Italia.

#GQHeroes is the new GQ editorial project that will lead the Condé Nast men’s brand towards the first festival of male passions conceived in digital form and scheduled for the end of June. GQ Heroes is the new section of the magazine, which every month will collect the stories of personalities from the world of culture, sport and entertainment. Ambassadors of positive values ​​who, with their example, can inspire and launch messages by strengthening the empathy that GQ has built over the years with its community of digital readers and users which now reach 4 million users through the site, 1 million of followers on different social media, in addition to the circulation of the paper monthly.

This editorial choice will in fact characterize not only the print but also all the digital properties, website and social profiles.

«A special year for GQ Italia has just begun. Most of 2021 will be dedicated to a new project: #GQHeroes. There are many meanings of this noun. For us it means: ambassador of values. And to choose the person who more than anyone else deserves to inaugurate this path, which will be made up of meetings to enrich your emotional heritage and give depth to the existential landscape, it took me a few seconds: Alex Zanardi. But to represent this symbolic man a photo, however beautiful, would not have been right. Alex is struggling, once again, to rehabilitate himself. He deserved something new, one that gave a protective and perspective image. So I asked Pietro Ruffo, an artist who works with paper, our ancestral material, to imagine Zanardi. And he did it by creating a real work »says Giovanni Audiffredi, Director of GQ Italia.

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