Alexander and Sophia are the most popular names for newborns in Moscow

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The most popular names, given to newborns in Moscow so far within 2021, they are again Alexander and Sophia.

According to the press service of the competent registry office of the Russian capital, the male names Alexander, Mikhail, Dimitrios, Ivan, Daniel and Artyom have remained in the top 20 for the last 20 years, while some have become more popular at times.

For example, as the same spokesman explained, in 2000 the name Nikitas was the second most popular choice, while the boys were also christened Alexios, Andreas and Elias. Especially in the five years 2010-2015, “fashion” seems to have favored the rarest Gegor and Cyril, while even now high are the also rare Markos (4th popular choice), Lef (Leo in Greek, in 7th place) and Matvey (Matthew, in the 9th), while Maxim is also consistently high (2nd choice).

Indicative of the changes in trends is that today the most popular Sophia was in 2010 the ninth choice for girls, while since 2015 it has become and apparently remains the most popular. Among the other female names this year are often found, according to the same representative, the Alice and Eva. The other most popular female names for 2021 were Victoria, Polina, Barbara, Alexandra and Anastasia.

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