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Alexandra Daddario announces pregnancy of first child; see photos

The American actress Alexandra Daddario, 38, (“True Detective”, “The White Lotus”) announced the pregnancy of her first child this Wednesday (10). The baby is the result of the artist’s marriage with the producer Andrew Form 55 (“A Quiet Place”, “The Purge”).

The news was shared by Alexandra in an interview with the American magazine Vogue. The actress, who is already six months pregnant said she only felt comfortable sharing the news now. She told the outletShe also posed for photos, where she shows the size of her belly.

Alexandra started the interview by talking about the day she decided she needed to tell the world about her pregnancy. With many symptoms of nausea, she said she ended up vomiting in the middle of a busy avenue in New York, United States, irritating those around her by “blocking” traffic.

“Nobody knew I was pregnant. They just thought I was drunk,” she said.

Furthermore, Alexandra was afraid that information about her pregnancy would leak through some news portal or that she would be caught by paparazzi.

Despite not revealing it to the media, Alexandra said that her castmates on “The Mayfair Witches” already knew the news. “I was on the set of the second season and I started vomiting a lot. By about the fifth week, I thought: ‘There’s no way I can hide this’”.

“I was like, if I tell my work I’m pregnant, I’ll have a lot of free time to throw up in peace,” she joked. “I have wonderful castmates who have kids, and they were all very understanding about being around a girl who’s nauseous and throwing up.”

Check out Alexandra Daddario’s photos for Vogue magazine:

Source: CNN Brasil

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