Alexandros Petkos: The 18-year-old who brings artificial intelligence to the garbage collection

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Dimitris Tosidis for Danezis Stories

Alexandros Petkos (18 years old)
BRANCH: Robotics – Artificial Intelligence

Alexander has found a solution to the well-known problem of plastic pollution. The 18-year-old from Thessaloniki created a robot that has the ability to collect garbage from any outdoor area, recognizing – in fact – through artificial intelligence – the material of each garbage and categorizing it accordingly. In particular, an algorithm designs how the robot will move according to the environment in which it is located and how it will use its arm to collect the waste according to their shape.

Alexandros presented his project last June at the SUP Free hackathon “A Greece without plastics”. In fact, it won the interest of the public so much that, while it was not foreseen, the organizers of the event announced that they would support Alexandros in the construction of the robot and in its pilot use for the cleaning of shores in the area of ​​Sani. Alexander’s innovation and pioneering idea will take three months and about 15,000 euros to be implemented using artificial intelligence and robotics.

At the same time, Alexandros has developed a tool for customer service, which makes the work of employees in call centers much easier and faster. Using AI and Big Data technologies, he has created a text production algorithm that generates possible answers to user questions. The answers are based on previous discussions the system has seen. For this particular tool, Alexander is currently in discussions with two players, in order to proceed with its use.

Finally, a project is “running” together with the University of the Aegean for the automatic recording of the percentages of garbage on Greek beaches using drones and artificial intelligence.

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Source From: Forbes

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