Alexei Navalny: In solitary confinement because “for three seconds he didn’t have his hands behind his back”

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The Russian politician Alexei Navalny who is serving a sentence in prison colony number 6 in the city of Melehovo, Vladimir Region, was again put in solitary confinement, this time for five days. This development was reported by Navalny himself in a post on Telegram.

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They take me to isolation through the corridor: “Hands behind my back”, “mmm I say”, I put my hands behind my back. About three seconds I was going as usual. No hands behind the back. I committed a crime. They call me to the commission and tell me: “Convicted Navalny, you violated the regulations of the escort in solitary confinement. In the video it looks like this lasted for three seconds. But as you have a negative record and you have already been placed in solitary confinement, we have decided that you should be placed in solitary confinement».

“5 days. Is very funny. I will settle here please. The hint clearly comes from Moscow. Even based on the measures of the Russian prison in the isolation cell because for three seconds I didn’t have my hands behind my back, it’s too much,” wrote Navalny and relays the Athens News Agency.

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On August 15, Navalny, by order of the prison administration, entered solitary confinement because “he was systematically unbuttoning the top button of his uniform». According to the Russian politician, the prisoners in the isolation cell are prohibited from correspondence, visits, receipt of cigarettes and smoking. They give you paper and pencil for an hour and 15 minutes a day, and walk for an hour a day “in such a cell, which sees a piece of the sky”, “all the time there are searches and hands behind the back”.

Source: News Beast

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