Alexey Moiseev: “the Russian government does not plan to prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrencies”

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As the Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Moiseev emphasized, at the moment the government of the country has no plans to prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrencies on foreign platforms.

During a lecture “Digitalization of financial markets” at MGIMO, the official said that cryptocurrencies would not be accepted as a means of payment in Russia, but it was not planned to prohibit the purchase and ownership of such assets.

“Now I can only say that payments in cryptocurrencies on the territory of the Russian Federation are prohibited in our country. At the same time, citizens can buy and use wallets outside the Russian Federation. So it will remain so, I think. There are no plans to change anything yet, ”Moiseev noted.

The Deputy Minister of Finance also stressed that cryptocurrencies should not be used for payments, as this deprives the state of control over the money supply. He noted that, for example, in Sweden such payments are allowed and some organizations do not accept kroons, but require payment in cryptocurrencies.

The official also acknowledged that the industry requires clearer regulation, and this requires defining many new financial terms. For example, what is digital currency and blockchain.

Recently, Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, proposed limiting unskilled investors in working with digital assets in order to protect them from risks.

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