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Alfredo Adame is hit again by life: his truck catches fire

It seems that drama is one of the things that cannot be missing in Alfredo Adame’s daily life, since as soon as he comes out of a controversy, he is already involved in another, a situation that, far from displeasing him, has become a way to remain current and appear in the media.

In our already popular section “Alfredo Adame in trouble”, this time, as strange as it may seem, the news about the Mexican actor and driver is not about a fight or a street brawl, but about a misfortune that happened to his truck, because burned in the middle of the street while walking.

Alfredo Adame in the company of firefighters in the middle of the street when his truck caught fire

The mishap suffered by the 64-year-old Mexican aviator also happened on the morning of March 30 on Aldama Street, in the Santa María Tepepan neighborhood, Xochimilco, in Mexico City, a report that was released through the official social networks of the Mexico City Fire Department.

According to the information shared on the firefighters’ Twitter, they received a call informing them that there was a car on fire and that the fire had managed to consume the front part of the car, a report to which they not only went to corroborate the information, instead they proceeded to extinguish the fire.

At the scene, the firefighters realized that it was the luxurious truck of the driver Alfredo Adame, a white Hummer-type vehicle that apparently had a short circuit in the engine, which caused the incident to end. in the truck fire.

According to reports shared on social networks, the incident happened at about 7:50 am and around 9:00 am, the firefighters reported that the fire had been satisfactorily neutralized and there was nothing to regret, since, In addition to the material damage to the vehicle, no one had been injured or affected by the fire.

Firefighter looking inside the hood of a van on fire in the middle of the street

It should be noted that so far, Adame has not spoken about the incident in his truck, he could only be seen quite distressed by the situation due to a photograph that was shared on Twitter, where users did not wait and commented on what happened, where some showed solidarity with the actor, while a few others were happy and made jokes about his misfortune.

Source: Okchicas

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