Alibaba and Baidu are among the most traded Chinese stocks by Brazilians

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group action Alibaba, a company that operates in several segments, especially e-commerce, was the Chinese asset most traded by Brazilians on the stock exchanges. Nova York in 2021. The data is part of a survey by the Stake investment platform.

In second place in the ranking is the action of NIO, a company headquartered in Shanghai which designs, develops and sells electric vehicles. It is followed by Didi, a mobility technology platform that operates in Brazil through the 99 app.

The fourth place went to Xpeng, considered a rival of the North American Tesla for acting in the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. Already in the flashlight is the action of Baidu, owner of the main internet search tool of the China.

In addition to the survey considering only investors from Brazil, Stake also grouped data considering the other three countries in which it operates, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. In this case, the most traded share was NIO, followed by Alibaba. Check out the data from the four countries:

For the year, however, the only stock with positive performance among the five is Xpeng. In general, Chinese assets were affected by fears of regulatory actions by the government of China, in addition to the crisis involving the developer Evergrande.

Government pressures, for example, led Didi to announce last week that itwill delist its shares from the New York Stock Exchange, where they are traded. Now, the assets will go to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

However, Rodrigo Lima, an investment analyst at Stake, considers that there is a long-term trend towards liberalization of Chinese markets, which maintains an appeal in the country’s asset investments despite the “unpredictability of local regulatory measures”.

The performance of the Chinese economy, whose Gross Domestic Product (START) grew 2.3% in 2020 even with the effects of the pandemic, makes investment in the country more attractive, favoring portfolio diversification, according to Lima. He also claims that, according to forecasts, China should debunk the USA and become the world’s largest economy by 2028.

In general, shares of major Chinese companies can be accessed via US stock exchanges. But there are also share receipts traded in the B3, the calls BDRs, which allow investing on the Brazilian stock exchange, is the case of Alibaba, whose BDR has the code BABA34.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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