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Aliexpress accepts FLOKI tokens for payment

The Floki meme-coin project shared important news. They have integrated into the Shopping io platform. Due to this, buyers will be able to buy goods on AliExpress and pay off FLOKI tokens.

The Floki Inu (FLOKI) project was inspired by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla. Recently, it has been actively developed. On May 19, FLOKI tokens received a listing on the largest South Korean exchange Bithumb.

FLOKI is working on three major platforms that expand their ecosystem: the Valhalla metaverse, the FlokiPlaces NFT marketplace, and the Floki Inuversity educational platform. But in order to grow in popularity, they need to bypass hundreds of competitors among the same meme tokens.

Floki Inu fans call themselves Floki Vikings, after Floki, Elon Musk’s Viking dog. But the head of Twitter doesn’t seem to reciprocate that kind of love. Dogecoin remains its favorite token.

The emergence of crypto payments on Aliexpress has become big news. Officially, in China, this area is under a complete ban. But locals are finding ways to get around the blockade and buy cryptocurrency.

From May 1, crypto trading will be allowed in the Hong Kong Special Region. Meanwhile, China continues to tighten the screws. Yesterday, the issuer of stablecoins Trust Reserve was arrested here.

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