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All 840 units on the Stock Exchange are lost

The climate in the Athens Stock Exchange is now extremely negative, which is slipping into more and more negative territory, as are most securities, now losing contact with the psychological limit of 850 units.

In particular, the General Index recorded losses of 0.69% at 837.34 points, while the turnover is at 26.7 million euros and the volume at 11.6 million pieces. The FTSE 25 also fell by 0.90%, at 2,009.95 points, while the banking index lost 1.99% at 534.54 points.

The signs on the board are now negative and the General Index is struggling to hold even the levels of 840 points. Sellers are back after a “break” of just a few hours in today’s session.

As it was seen from the first minutes of trading, buyers remained cautious, with the positive sign attributed more to the absence of sell orders. The climate remains fragile and the uncertainties continue with such intensity that any move in Athens Street may involve risk.

Moreover, it is no longer off the investment agenda to mark the discount in many securities in order to incorporate the risks that exist from the looming energy crisis in Europe. And the Greek economy may have shown some strength so far in its growth rate, but the estimates are not only positive.

In this context, Citigroup comes today and makes the investment climate even more difficult, stating that Greece, together with the Netherlands and Italy, are the countries that are most vulnerable – both on the fiscal front and on the energy front – and will benefit the least from the support measures of the E.U. for the energy market. All eyes are on the September 14 announcement by Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen on how the EU plans to cap electricity prices for consumers.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Quest is losing 2.07% and Jumbo 2.17%, with Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Ethniki and Motor Oil following with losses of more than 1%. Terna Energy, Hellenic Petroleum, GEK Terna, EYDAP, OTE, OPAP, Ellactor, ELHA, Piraeus, Lambda, PPA, ADMIE and Coca Cola are moving slightly lower.

On the other hand, PPC gains 1.75%, while Viochalko, Aegean, Titan, Mytileneos and Sarantis move slightly upwards.

Source: Capital

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