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All e-services for the debtors of the Funds

By Dimitris Katsaganis

E-EFKA has nine electronic services available for debtors, employers, professionals and farmers.

As stated in the e-EFKA business plan for 2022, according to its information Capital.gr, The debtor can now at any time via the internet have a detailed information on his certified debts, credits and details of his regulated debts.

He also has one at his disposal integrated regulation service which includes the calculation of adjustment installments based on alternative scenarios, the submission of an application for adjustment, the issuance of an adjustment decision, the information on the installment amount required each time and the payment of installments through DIAS, without the need for the debtor to attend in the Regional Services.

The electronic applications that have been put into productive operation are given in the following table:

All e-services for the debtors of the Funds


Source: Capital

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