All new UK buildings should have EV charging stations from 2022

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The countries of Europe en masse have embarked on a course of electrification. One of the first to announce the abandonment of traditional cars with an internal combustion engine and the transition to electric vehicles was the UK. There, from 2030, a ban on the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines will be introduced. But now the country’s authorities have begun preparations for this. As part of the massive transition to electric vehicles, the UK government decided to oblige to equip all new buildings in the country with charging stations for electric cars.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new law. More precisely, it is an addition to the building codes in force in the country. According to this amendment, starting from 2022, all new homes and non-residential properties such as supermarkets and offices, as well as refurbished buildings with more than 10 parking spaces on the territory must be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. Thanks to this, 145 thousand charging stations will appear in the country per year. The authorities have not yet announced the technical requirements for charging stations.

The UK government notes that most often car owners charge their electric cars at home. This means people will buy new real estate, ready for an electric future. Electric charging stations will be available in offices and new stores across the country. This will make charging electric vehicles as simple and easy as refueling a gasoline or diesel car.

Speaking at the CBI conference of the Confederation of British Industry, Johnson called it a turning point. He stated that the country’s authorities must adapt the economy to the “green” era and the industrial revolution.

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