All of Italy towards the red zone? Colors, rules and differences

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The days are very close to the anniversary of the first lockdown, the data is growing as it was then. Now what is scary is the English variant that appears more contagious. The colors of cities and provinces change daily. On Friday, with the new monitoring data of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, those of many regions could also change, towards the red zone.

Guido Bertolaso, consultant to the president of the Lombardy Region for the Vaccination Plan, anticipated a fear that is very much: I fear that “all of Italy, except Sardinia, is approaching with long strides towards the red zone.

Lombardy, for what it has been through in recent months, is more vulnerable than other regions, but I’m not worried about this region more than others. There is no question that vaccination is needed. Much more can be done than what we are already doing with respect to this situation. You have to go to Brussels to beat your fists ».

The risk that entire regions will pass into the red zone, where Basilicata and Molise are already, is concrete: Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy are among these. They already have entire provinces in red, Bologna, Modena, Como, Brescia and municipalities in the Bergamo area. The contagion also dates back to Piedmont. The President of the Region Alberto Cirio explained: “This is the reason why I intervened and will intervene again in the coming days and as we have already started to do with the red areas we must be ready to intervene surgically where it is necessary”.

The colleague ofEmilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, added: “We must combat and limit the contagion with more restrictive measures on the indications that the regional health system gives us … The danger is still high, but I trust that these restrictions, in the coming weeks, will bend the curve and the arrival spring and vaccination make us reopen and never close again ». It also opens up to the Russian Sputnik vaccine. “We ask for clarity: if it is valid, we expect approval and purchase”. Common is the demand for vaccines.

For many areas it has been established an intermediate band, the dark orange one, but for many it was not enough to curb the growth of infections. Compared to the orange zone, the lessons for the lessons are in dark orange schools starting from the first grade, in red, on the other hand, all schools carry out activities only at a distance, even those of childhood.

In the dark orange zone i are open shops, while in the red zone are closed, excluding those considered essential, first of all, pharmacies and foodstuffs, but also hardware stores, stationeries, bookstores and children’s clothing. Here lies the fundamental difference.

In both areas, travel is forbidden even within one’s own municipality, excluding those for work, health and necessity. No to visits to friends and relatives. Only take away and home delivery for bars and restaurants. You can leave the municipality to purchase products that are not found in your municipality. You can always go back to your home. It is forbidden to go to second homes even if they are in the white, yellow or orange zone. Physical activity can only be done individually, outdoors and close to home.

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