All of Zelensky’s speeches

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On the second awakening after the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky goes on television and delivers a famous speech: “I am target number one, my family number two, but I stay here with my people “. Everyone thought he would run away, but no, he explained that he was not only staying but was preparing to fight with the Resistance.
Almost three months of war and thousands of deaths have passed since that day, only one thing has remained the same: the president’s determination to keep the spotlight on a war that is not local, but affects everyone. “If Ukraine falls, Europe falls,” he always said.

This was followed by posts on social media and words spoken in all possible venues, from the American Congress to the Grammy ceremony, from the European parliament to those of half of Europe. Now all of Zelensky’s speeches are collected in one volume, which comes out all over the world on May 19 and which has been approved by the Ukrainian authorities: it is called For Ukraine (translation by Sergio Arecco, pages 192, 15 euros). And tAll proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Ukrainian people.

The most far-sighted words are certainly those of the first day, in which he summoned the Ukrainians, inviting them to resist: «Only the solidarity and determination of all Ukrainians can help maintain our freedom and protect the state. It is important that all our citizens today demonstrate maximum resilience and mutual support. Take care of your family and those you love but do not forget the people around you, the lonely, the elderly. Help them with food, find shelter when there is an air alert, help them access verified information. Stop the enemy wherever you see him. The fate of Ukraine depends only on the Ukrainians. No one but ourselves can control our lives. We are on our land, the truth is on our side. It will not be possible to destroy our resolve. Missiles are useless in the face of our freedom ».


Source: Vanity Fair

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