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Alleged bodies of ETs: Peruvian mummies are authentic, say researchers at the Mexican Congress

Researchers stated, in a new hearing in the Mexican Congress, held last Tuesday (7), that the set of Peruvian mummies with three fingers recently presented as potential evidence of non-human life forms (alien) is authentic.

Ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan presented the bodies at the Chamber of Deputies first on September 13, stating that the bodies, believed to have been found near the ancient Nazca lines in Peru, were not related to any life on Earth.

In Tuesday’s session, Maussan was more focused on proving that the bodies, which this time were not on display, were not fake, triggering a series of experts who said the bodies were those of real, once-living organisms.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga of the San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, said researchers studied five similar specimens over four years.

“They are real,” Zuniga told Reuters on the sidelines of the session. “There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these beings.”

Zuniga presented a letter signed by 11 university researchers declaring the same. However, the document made it clear that it did not imply that the bodies were “extraterrestrial”.

Maussan’s first presentation was criticized by many experts who called it “a feat long debunked by the scientific community,” pointing to studies on similar remains that concluded the specimens were modified with animal and human bones.

When asked about these studies, Zuniga said the samples were likely fake. The bodies he and other university researchers examined, however, were real, he said.

The congressman Sergio Gutierrez from President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party, called for a reform of Mexico’s law to make all information about UFOs public.

Tuesday’s session sometimes delved into a more extreme explanation. The Argentine surgeon Celestino Adolfo Piotto said he believed, after analyzing the test results and images of the bodies, that they were an evolved version of today’s human beings, calling them “our descendants”.

At another point, Mexican rapper Claudio Yarto said he had seen UFOs in person before ending his speech with a rhyme, drawing applause from the crowd.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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