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Alleged meth kingpin Tse Chi Lop extradited to Australia

Tse Chi Lop, an alleged drug kingpin accused of running a multibillion-dollar methamphetamine empire, has been extradited to Australia after a nearly two-year legal battle with Dutch authorities.

Tse, 59, was arrested in January 2021 after landing at Amsterdam Schipol International Airport on a flight from Taiwan. Dutch authorities detained him on an Australian Federal Police (AFP) warrant issued in 2019 in connection with a crackdown on Sam Gor, the drug trafficking syndicate he is accused of leading.

Through his lawyers, Tse has denied all allegations that Australian authorities have leveled against him.

Australian authorities said Tse arrived on Thursday and was formally charged shortly after landing.

Tse, a dual Chinese national, decided to stop the appeals process in November after months of fighting extradition, a lawyer representing him told the CNN 🇧🇷

Tse’s lawyers have argued that he was illegally sent to the Netherlands – where extradition laws are more favorable than in much of the world – as part of a scheme to ensure he stays behind bars for as long as possible.

Andre Seebregts, one of Tse’s lawyers, said his client was put on the plane to the Netherlands against his will and in violation of Taiwanese law, which required Taiwanese authorities to deport him to his native Canada unless he agreed otherwise.

Seebregts told CNN that there was a direct flight to Canada less than an hour before Tse’s plane took off at around 1 am.

Australian police declined to comment at the time.

Source: CNN Brasil

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