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Almost half of Rio Grande do Sul's cities still have energy problems, says Aneel

After the heavy rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul, around 161 thousand customers are without energy supply, according to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), this Wednesday (22).

Amid the floods, 237 cities in Rio Grande do Sul still have their electricity supply impacted, as of this Tuesday (21) — that is, 47% of the municipalities. Canoas (RS) is the most affected municipality, with almost 50 thousand people without electricity, followed by Porto Alegre (RS), São Leopoldo (RS) and Eldorado do Sul (RS). See the list of the 15 most affected cities and the number of customers still without power:

  • Canoes: 49,834
  • Porto Alegre: 46,201
  • São Leopoldo: 23,559
  • Eldorado do Sul: 8,714
  • Pellets: 3,934
  • Cachoeira do Sul: 2,823
  • New Hamburg: 2,638
  • Guaíba: 2217
  • Rio Grande: 2214
  • Dawn: 2166
  • Cachoeirinha: 1807
  • Camaquã: 1581
  • Southern Cross: 774
  • Lajeado: 773
  • Venâncio Aires: 743

The agency reports that the Nova Santa Rita substation, which left 16 important transmission lines out of operation, remains offline. The shutdown weakens the connection between transmission systems and leaves the remaining systems overloaded: the risk is of load shedding, according to Aneel.

Just over two weeks ago, 470,000 customers had their services interrupted in the state, according to agency data released on the 5th of this month. Rio Grande Energia (RGE) has the largest number of impacted customers. See the impact on electricity distribution networks this Wednesday (22):

  • RGE: 89.5 thousand customers interrupted (3% of customers)
  • Equatorial CEEE: 71 thousand customers interrupted (4% of customers)
  • CERTEL: 50 interrupted customers (0.1% of customers)
  • RIGHT: 884 customers interrupted (3.3% of customers)

Source: CNN Brasil

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