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Alpha Trust: On November 19 the listing of 2,000 new shares

The trading of the 2,000 new common registered shares of Alpha Trust, which resulted from the exercise of the stock options plan for the year 2021 (second year of the program) by an executive of the Company, begins on November 19 on the Athens Stock Exchange. offering price 4,437 euros per share.

The company announcement in detail:

The Company with the name “ALPHA TRUST Mutual Fund Management Company and Alternative Investment Organizations” and the distinctive title “ALPHA TRUST”, in the context of the valid information of the investing public, announces that on 19.11.2021 the opening of the new common registered shares resulting from the exercise of the stock options plan for the year 2021 (second year of the program) by one (1) Executive of the Company, at a selling price of 4,437 euros per share, according to from 04.02 .2020 decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting and the relevant decision of 08.06.2021 of the Board of Directors of the Company.

On 30.06.2021 it was registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.I.) through the Department of Insurance Societes Anonymes & Financial Institutions of the Companies Directorate of the General Purchasing Directorate of the General Secretariat of Commerce & Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Development. the certification of the increase of the share capital of the Company in the total amount of 720 euros with the issuance of 2,000 new common registered shares with a nominal value of 0.36 euros each, while an amount of 8,874 euros corresponding to the total premium amount will be transferred to Extraordinary reserve of the Company. Thus, the share capital of the Company amounts to the total amount of one million one hundred sixteen thousand five hundred seventy-three euros and twelve cents (1,116,573.12 €) divided into three million one hundred five hundred ninety-two (3,101,592) common , with a face value of thirty-six cents (€ 0.36) each.

The Committee on Corporate Transactions of the Athens Stock Exchange at its meeting of 18.11.2021 approved the listing for trading of the above 2,000 new common registered shares of the Company.

From 19.11.2021 the new shares will have been credited to the shares and accounts of the eligible shareholders in the Intangible Securities System (DSS).


Source From: Capital

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