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Alpha Trust: St. Karaiskakis new member of the Board to replace the resigned G. Kampanis

Alpha Trust announces that with the decision of its Board of Directors dated 31.12.2021, Mr. Stefanos Karaiskakis was appointed as a new member, independent non-executive, until the next General Meeting of Shareholders of the company, replacing the resigned member of Mr. Georgiou Kampani.

Therefore, the new composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

1. Faidon-Theodoros Tamvakakis, Chairman of the Board, executive
2. David-Phillip Gibbs, Vice Chairman, non-executive
3. Christodoulos Aesop, CEO, executive
4. Stefanos Karaiskakis, Member of the Board, independent non-executive
5. Joseph Papadogiannis, Member of the Board, executive
6. Angeliki Hatzidaki, Member of the Board, non-executive
7. Agni Levi, Member of the Board, independent non-executive

The term of the Board of Directors remains until 16.06.2023, which may be extended until the next Ordinary General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders.

The responsibilities and powers of representation to members and non-members of the Board of Directors remain as defined by the decision of the Board of Directors dated 30.08.2021.

Source From: Capital

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