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Amazon: Electric bikes and walking parcels in Britain

THE Amazon UK cares about the environment and proves it in practice. The company has announced that it will expand its fleet of electric parcel delivery bikes, while making most product deliveries on foot, to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in the freight network.

The company has 75,000 permanent employees in Britain, and as it announced yesterday, Wednesday, it will add two new smaller product distribution centers in London and open one more in Manchester, for the additional number of distribution bikes, as well as the distributions that will be made on foot. from its distributors.

The mentioned centers are included in the company’s five-year investment program of 359 million dollars to transition the means of distribution it uses to electric energy, but also to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities in Britain. This program was announced in October.

Zero emissions from 2040

Amazon is aiming for zero emissions by 2040 and has announced that additional electric delivery bikes (e-cargo bikes), which have been specially configured with the addition of a small package transport platform on the back, as well as its workers who will deliver parcels on foot, they will be able to make 2 million product deliveries per year.

In 2021, Amazon delivered more than 45 million packages using its electric delivery fleet, as well as electric bikes. The company also has in its vehicle fleet 1,000 electric vans, as well as five large package transport vehicles, which are fully electric.

“These new parcel centers will bring our customers closer to electrified parcel delivery and will also support local authorities looking for ways to reduce traffic congestion and use alternative modes of product transport,” John said in a statement. Boumfrey director of Amazon, responsible for operations in Britainas reported by APE-MPE, citing Reuters.

Source: News Beast

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